Dead horse beaten to jelly-oy vey! Who cares who said it, whether it was some so-called Satan-sanctioned white supremacist or the respected social satirist of the left bank Voltaire. In a nutshell because I'm paraphrasing: If you want to know who rules you, simply find who you cannot criticize. Regardless of who said it, it has the ring of truth. … Continue reading Dead horse beaten to jelly-oy vey!


Add the word MASS to Strother Martin's iconic sentence and you've got an epigram for our times. Every man, woman and child's personal feedback-loop device and government transponder, aka smart phone, has unpersoned and imprisoned US in one fell swoop, beating US down with lies, carpet bombing US with 24/7/365 distraction, accelerating the inevitable Death … Continue reading ART IMITATES LIFE IMITATES LARP

It all depends on what the meaning of "IS" IS

Sophistry and the willful manipulation of language for disingenuous ends is much to blame for the current problem of why people, who should at least be in the same zip code, are living in separate worlds. POINTING THE FINGER BOTH WAYS: DoJ OIG Michael Horowitz lists the FBI's crime, then wriggles out of his responsibility … Continue reading It all depends on what the meaning of "IS" IS


At a moment when the public zeitgeist is tending toward “Heads on Pikes” & other violent urges to rise up & French Revolution the corrupt political/media establishment of the day, Fartgate literally & figuratively came at a perfect time to relieve a little pressure. Proof God has a sense of humor not to mention … Continue reading THE SHART HEARD ROUND CLOWN WORLD