WTF did the Neo-NatSocs expect?

The Democrat Party's diverging toward national socialism, poo-poo'd for decades now by the high booga boogas of the mainstream press, even as these sell-outs' daily spewage of Marxist propaganda facilitated the spread of the contagion, inevitably ripped Overton's Window from its frame and shoved it, glass and all, directly up Carl Marx's hemorrhoidal ass. Unfortunately, … Continue reading WTF did the Neo-NatSocs expect?

Algebra of Deep State Corruption

Extreme measures have been instituted to try to keep Joe Biden from licking himself. The failed Biden campaign is another fracturing of the Deep State-Globalist's equation designed to depose a sitting president. By dint of the law of unintended consequences as well as systemic hubris, this formulation has, like the mythical Uroboros, twisted itself into … Continue reading Algebra of Deep State Corruption