The Reason for God

Adam stretches out his finger to God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Faith is a beautiful and terrible word. Beautiful when it denotes belief in a supreme being sight unseen, and terrible when ‘seeing is believing’ is its only definition.

Scoffed at by the scientifically-minded as a trait best confined to the childhood cults of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, it can be posited that, whether based in a belief in God, a political cult-of-personality or a secular institution, faith is inescapable as the necessity of breathing, hardwired into the most primitive parts of our brains.

The disconnect happens when people deny that faith is an inherent part of the human condition, consigning God to the bugaboo of small minds … thinking their unbelief in God automatically rids them of their intrinsic longing after faith.

This is where the terribleness begins.

One need only go back to the Marxist revolutions of the 20th century to find events that bolster the hypothesis that faith is a non-negotiable attribute of being human. Contemporaneous of that century’s horrific and largely regrettable world wars, the Bolshevik and Maoist Revolutions are two prime examples of how two iron-fisted leaders were able to force their people to put their faith in the things of this world: Godless by fiat, they made the State ideology the highest example of spiritual attainment, and, by proxy, deified themselves. Circumventing the monarchial divine right of kings, these Ubermenschen transformed themselves into two of the most successfully mass-murdering demigods the world has ever seen.

Which brings us back to the primacy of faith and how it fits in to the human condition.

Dictators with unlimited sway tend to drive themselves insane. Having replaced God with themselves they lack the humility to continue knowing the imperfections they see in others are intrinsic within them. They begin to believe in their own infallibility, but when the ultimately disappointing exigencies of quotidian reality check in, they dig deeper into the world of fantasy that is their only source of validation.

A giant smiling icon of Mao Zedong looms over the Chinese people who seem to be exalting him with upraised hands.
The all-knowing savior of the People, overseer of their glorious struggle, set himself above them as a God.

With no belief in anything greater than themselves, the hollow tyrants project their lack of spiritual sustenance onto the people they are supposed to lead. Knowing in their hearts the corruption of the system they are living under, the people take cold comfort in the lies that with time will become a rhetorical reality despite the squalor and state-sanctioned violence of their basic actuality. Smiling and happy, despite empty stomachs, the wrongness of it that, vying with their hunger, manifests itself as a constant fluttering feeling of unease.

It is certain Stalin and Mao started out with nothing but the best intentions for their nation’s people. The soaring ideals of a promised communist utopia painting a resplendent portrait of a pastel-colored future. Mandated from on high, these great men handed down their canon law. Lacking the head space to accept the idea that there was anything greater than themselves, thus the possibility that their orders could be and sometimes would be deleterious to their aim, the effects of false omnipotence filtered down through the authoritarian bureaucracy to the society at large, bringing with it the inevitable contradiction of forced faith in the institutions that are inexorably degrading the society right before everybody’s eyes.

KGB interrogate a young boy standing against the wall of a grimy basement room before taking him out to shoot him.
Megalomaniacal leaders of totalitarian states resort to secret police to monitor and terrorize their people as a proxy for the sense of a God-like omnipotence they all believed they should have had.

Simplifying for the sake of space and time, this leads to societal insurrection which gives the government an excuse for violent suppression, a show of overwhelming physical force followed by a ‘necessary’ stint of martial law meant to terrorize the people and mentally break them down. Once the collective spirit of a population has been broken, after the initial show of force and merciless culling of those who will not submit, after a time the threat of reprisal is all that is needed for total control to keep a population in line.

The keepers of the flame for these societies of perpetual intimidation are the militarized central intelligence agencies of the state ( The examples of this are widely documented and need not be repeated here.) I will, however, bring up a fairly recent historical example of violent state suppression to bring the argument into the current day. Tiananmen Square. The iconic 1989 photo of the one man blocking the tank which is used as a meme for the triumph of the human spirit, notably recently in an ad for global corporation Apple. What happened when the cameras were forcibly taken away is the tanks did not balk at running down the protestors, flattening them like grapes, as well as machinegunning them in great numbers. And yet, the reality is that the photo of the man backing down the tank is what is most remembered and taken as the true lesson of the day.


The Chinese government simply did the deed that needed doing, and then a campaign of silence made it all go away. Gods do not make mistakes and the winners get to write history. It was only recently that I ever saw a photo of the aftermath of the massacre of Tiananmen Square, having heard what happened after the footage stopped rolling. So, how could the iconic photo of the man backing down the tank (who probably was shot a few minutes after he’d been filmed in front of the tank) still be valid? The context of what happened when the rest of the story is told should really cancel out any foolish notion that anything of lasting value was really accomplished that day.

The iconic photo of a Chinese citizen facing off with a tank with nothing but two bags of groceries in Tiananmen Square.
Tank man became an overnight sensation, and most likely ground into the pavement once the journos went away.

All this recapping of 20th century political movements that ended very badly for the people as well as the cognitive dissonance surrounding the events of before and after the famous photo taken at Tiananmen Square is necessary to illustrate the original premise that faith is not a choice but an instinct that will, regardless of a person’s denial, manifest itself upon a person in some unexpected way.

So, back to China and that ill-fated square. A mainstream press corp must take much of the blame for its lies of omission. Whereas the photo of the man bravely impeding the tank with his own body (which it most certainly was smashed under the tank’s treads after the press corp closed up shop) is still a universally known image, the massacre that followed is largely forgotten. Yes. A picture speaks a thousand words is part of it, but it needs to be asked why only a very few words were ever spoken of the horrific manner in which these Chinese protestors were slaughtered when the press corp took its taped feel-good footage and left town.

Why does a free press collude with an autocratic regime, suppressing the story of a massacre in favor of the propagation of a lie? Why is it assumed that it’s a free press? Somewhere between Edward R. Murrow smoking Camels on NBC and the dour pontifications of Dan Rather, the free press became something other than the social and political watchdog it was originally meant to be. Somewhere along the line there was infiltration from the government intelligence agencies who realized the powerful bully pulpit and hypnotist the television was, is and can be.

In the same way that dictators like Mao and Stalin put all their faith in the certainty of their own Godhead and thus doomed themselves to becoming incidental mass murderers on an industrial scale, forcing faith be put in them to the detriment of their own people, the free press has become the de facto tyrants demanding the faith of the American people. Albeit the popularity polls are as low for mainstream media as they are for politicians, but the fact they, the giant news corporations, essentially hold a monopoly on the transmission of their propaganda insures a constant stream of their ersatz news is barraging the average John and Jane Citizen as they sit in front of the tube to unwind after a busy day.

The programming is insinuated forcibly into the subject by the proliferation of incessant programs. The uniformity of content is also indicative of branches of the Christian religion rather than opposing networks competing for market share. This speaks to the idea that mainstream press had become more receptive to being an article of faith than an objective source of nonpartisan information.

MEME: Two Non-player Characters stand on a ladies doorstep holding Time & Vice magazines asking her if she's accepted mainstream media as her Lord and Savior.

Like the tyrant’s mantles they’ve stealthily transitioned to, they hold themselves up as the highest arbiters of truth. The recent Washington Post slogan: “Democracy Dies in Darkness” comes immediately to mind, which is frighteningly absurd if you know that the staid bastion of journalism also has a 10 year, 600 million dollar contract with the CIA. Jeff Bezos, who bought the faltering newspaper some years back to add to his Amazonian Empire has got quite a corner, or several corners, on the market. Wapo’s sister titan of the dying print trade, NYTimes is, wonder of wonders, still operating thanks to the bailout of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Cable news networks like CNN and Fox are owned by multi-billion dollar multinational corporations Time Warner and News Corp respectively.

One popular rabbit hole to go down is how big media colludes with DC. Turns out it’s more of a busy bodega on main street with a profusion of neon signs flashing, HERE! HERE! The Wikileaks dump during the run up to the 2016 presidential election exposed a “friendly journalist” who could “tee up” favorable articles for Hillary (Maggie Habermann, NYTimes) and another who gave pre-publication previews of stories to John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager) because the woebegone journalist had become, sadly, a self-admitted hack (Glenn Thrush, NYTimes). Even without these blatant examples, for anyone who can use google search and connect a few dots, the probability percentage of the MSM/DC collusion has already been proven. The nature of the relationship is perhaps flipped in many people’s estimation, with the billionaire-financed multinational media definitely taking top position as the DC bought-and-paid-fors wave their shameless bottoms in the air.

With this nexus confirmed, there is very little doubt those in power are taking advantage of the faithful consumers of their con–fusion. Like the Catholic clergy before them, the television (and to a fast diminishing extent newspapers) has become the bridge between the lay people and their God, the mainstream press. To speak the truth, their God(s) need only proclaim and they, enraptured receivers of this holy writ, believe.

The Gospel, or the Bad News preached by these inverse clerics of the Globalist religion, is Anthropogenic Global Warming … no, I mean just plain Global Warming … no, I mean Climate Change. It doesn’t matter how many times they change the name of their raison d’etre, bedrock and first cause, to question the immutable truth of this cockamamie theory is to commit heresy that is to be censured, censored, shunned and forgotten.

George Orwell is spinning in his grave to think that, for all his correct predictions of the PC hellscape to come, he wasn’t able to coin one of the most shining examples of absurdist doublespeak to ever be unleashed upon the world like ‘Climate Change.’ A population that can be duped by meaningless phrases like ‘climate change’ is guilty of misplacing its faith in the manipulative pied pipers of the mainstream press who champion the ruinous policies of their preferred politicians who continually bugger the public with the promise of an impossibly egalitarian tomorrow.

Without the space between the State and God to give the state’s leaders humility and a sense of proportion, the question is not if they will succumb to the corruption of absolute power, but how soon the inevitable will come.

AOC MEME: The bug-eyed Brooklyn congresswoman asks "Have you accepted the State as your Lord and Savior?"

[They] turned their backs upon the fixed and radiant point of the present. They forgot the present for the future, the fate of humanity for the delusion of power, the misery of the slums for the mirage of the eternal city, ordinary justice for an empty promised land. — Camus from his book ‘The Rebel’

Again, to the people that deny God, you will find a proxy whether you like it or not. And woe be to those that find it in this world, be it materialism, a charismatic snake oil salesman, an ideology or, most likely, a combination of these and a host of other desirable things. History has shown us that faith is an unavoidable condition that will manifest itself regardless of where you find it. It is reasonable to know, that no matter how unprovable its existence, faith in God is a bulwark against the hell that always follows the megalomaniacal tyrants-in-training who come into power promising the impossible, heaven on earth.