a horizontal placard sectioned off into 3 slogans of equal space: WAR IS PEACE; IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH; FREEDOM IS SLAVERY

Thanks to the race hustlers and hoaxers (given air time, and relevance by their fellow travelers in the mainstream press) who wish to keep the racial divide hot, the hyphen is one of their most favored and effective weapons. And a good way of keeping America down, seeing how the AMERICAN is relegated to second class status by its secondary position in relation to the race, the religion and/or the nationality preceding it.

The nation’s racial inequalities had been dealt with 60 years ago through policies of integration and the successful civil rights movements led by black Americans such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. At that moment the road was open for an American renaissance that would have really unified us as one nation under God, concerned about quality of character rather than the color of our skin.   

Cue the needle getting jerked from the groove of our nation’s record, which had been spinning steadily toward a future promising real equal opportunity and good will to all our fellow men.    

The powers that be, whether the politicians or the hidden hands behind the scenes, did not approve of the possibility of real American integration. To combat it, they turned to the subtle totality of linguistic warfare. The tactic of identity politics, that had been substantially lessened between the 20th century’s two world wars, was brought back into vogue with a vengeance toward last century’s end.

Adding to the totality of this insidious tactic, is the fact that he who controls the language controls the mind, and by default, reality since reality is created by the mind.  Nowhere is this more blatantly illustrated than by the hyphen, which is itself a physical representation of division.

Thought experiment: Think ‘Hispanic-American.’ Then think ‘American.’ Then, ask yourself theses questions…

1. Which of the two terms is more ‘diverse’ and which is more ‘limiting’? 

2. Which designation brings to mind a definition that is more ‘inclusive’ and which is more ‘exclusive’?

3. Which is more ‘divisive’ and which is more ‘uniting’?

The hyphenated Americana of the day provably limits, excludes and divides, while at the same time it is also being used to promote diversity, inclusion and unity…which is an obvious contradiction and doesn’t at all make sense.

As a people we have in large part become complacent and docile as the citizens imprisoned in Orwell’s totalitarian nightmare, easily cowed into accepting what the town criers of our instant information age barrage us with from the bully pulpits of our large-screen Big Brothers. But the indoctrination goes deeper than just the non-stop spoken word propaganda, it has been codified in our written and spoken language … hidden in plain sight.

Anglo-American: We fought the Revolutionary War against the Anglos for the right to call ourselves American.

Muslim-American (Jewish-American):  Separation of Church and State, usually a big ticket item for the left, is thrown out the window by the acceptance of these hyphenated constructs.  

African-American: Which nation is it? Where do your loyalties lie?

Just as the three slogans,War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; and Ignorance is Strength harmonized the blatant contradictions enshrined in the edifice of the fictitious totalitarian state of Oceania, so too have the hyphenates we’ve been duped into naively using to label ourselves become the doublethink (and doublespeak) of our time.