What if the dead started rising from the grave tomorrow? Half the country would fall to the ground singing Hosannas while the remainder would think they’d been miraculously transported into the new season of The Walking Dead. Somewhere between these dueling mass hysterias, CLIMATE CHANGE ZOMBIES, in the course of its 75k words, peels away the onion of one best of all possible horrorshow worlds.

Set in a dystopian near-future, incorporating elements of sci-fi, pulp and theological philosophy,CCZ takes the most depraved conspiracy theories out there today to tell its story.With little to no preamble, the narrative dives right in to controversy by positing global warming-cum-climate change is a mass hypnosis, redistributionist psy-op weapon of mass distraction; and basically calls out the whole American public for falling for the lies broadcast from the MSM bullshit pulpit 24/7 every day, as well as being more concerned about the accumulation of Facebook friends than the fact they have been so easily mastered.

A big fuck you to the establishment not just for iconoclasm’s sake, CCZ is the product of hate built-up over a lifetime of being lied to and propagandized by the national institutions that were originally supposed to inform and help their own, not turn them into a mindless collective of somnambulist freaks.