At Play in The Killing Fields of AOC’s Green, Old, Raw-Deal

AOC sits in the House with hands clasped and a determined stare as the mercifully blurred image of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz looms in the background.

“If you don’t like the Green New Deal then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis. Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.” AOC

By now, unless you’ve been living under a free-range solar panel in the Nevada desert, you’re familiar with the absolutely ironclad point-by-point plan to propel the United States back into a pre-industrial agrarian and fantastical steampunk future. No planes, but lots and lots of trains: transoceanic as well as transcontinental. The only question is whether these  transpacific/transatlantic iron horses will be drawn by harnessed dolphins like Poseidon’s chariot or driven under sail like Captain Ahab’s wooden whaling ship, the ill-fated Pequod.

But then again, who will have time to travel when they’re toiling, soaking up the sun’s killer ultraviolet rays and making the earth safe from cow “emissions,” breaking their backs in the fields just like great-great-grandpa used to do?

Only half joking, the scenario painted above is a fair representation of what AOC’s Green New Deal would actually encompass. Watching from the cheap seats, one has to SMFH in disbelieving wonder at the stellar reception this Nation killing manifesto garnered from the dumb f**k Chicken Littles currently running amok on Capitol Hill.

Booker, Gillibrand and Moe. Presidential hopefuls or an alternate universe’s version of the Three Stooges? The latter would be the answer in Dr. Paingloss’s nonsensical best of all possible worlds. All joking and snidely effete literary asides aside, there is an historical precedent to AOC’s Utopian New Green Deal … a precedent which resulted in the largest per capita genocide the world has ever seen.

Predicated on a return to the glories of the Khmer Dynasty that flourished from roughly 800-1300 AD, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge Revolution coalesced around the mythical guiding principle of Angkar, which was not only the organization behind the murderous communist regime (Angkar crudely translates into English as ‘the organization’), but the all-encompassing politico-religious concept that was to propel Cambodia into catalyzing the hard labor and all-to-often fatal brutality of the day into the promise of a perfect post-revolutionary tomorrow (that never came).

An endless line of freshly exhumed skulls, lined up six deep, eat dirt as they face the camera, and in the background a giant pile of bones.
Pol Pot forcing the myth of Ankgar upon his people resulted in miles of mass graves & 2 million fresh skulls.

The previous faith of [the Cambodian people]    Khmer Theravada Buddhism, and its blend of elements … was replaced by what Voegelin called “a conscious apocalypse,” where the system claiming to be the “rational-theoretical, national-economic, or sociological is replaced by ‘myth.’ The ‘myth’ is created purposely to bind the masses emotionally and to arouse in them the politically effective expectation of salvation.” (Voegelin 2000, 62) excerpted  from  Steven  Deburger’s  2012 Doctoral Dissertation POL  POT’S  TOTAL  REVOLUTION:  AN  INQUIRY  OF  DEMOCRATIC  KAMPUCHEA  AS  A  POLITICAL  RELIGION

For Pol Pot, the “conscious apocalypse” that made his Red Revolution a necessity was the encroachment of the modern Western Capitalist world that was an unacceptable taint on the pure Khmer in opposition to the new/old myth of Angkar that, for a time, bound the masses with the promise of the political salvation of a return to the untainted Khmer Dynasty of the past. For AOC and an alarming number of true believers the “conscious apocalypse” of our time is Climate Change. But whereas Pol Pot separated the disease from the cure (western decadence v. Angkar), the current zeitgeist surrounding Climate Change is the problem and the solution (doomsday v. impetus for enacting nation-altering change) depending on where you are looking at the equation from:  On the one hand it’s terrible because it will inevitably destroy the earth; on the other hand it is good because it is the global crisis that can harness enough fear for it to ever be possible to enact such a radical  imposition upon the people. The Green New Deal, a flowery euphemism for a systematic program of total government control, would in fact be a Green Revolution.

Men can let the contents of the world grow to such an extent that the world and God disappear behind them, but they cannot annul the human condition itself. This remains alive in each individual soul; and when God is invisible behind the world, the contents of the world will become new gods; when symbols of transcendent religiosity are banned, new symbols develop from the inner-worldly language of science to take their place. (Vogelin 2000, 60) IBID

For many people today, Climate Change has unwittingly become their new religion, a seemingly contradictory Trinitarian cult of God, Science and Armageddon. Anyone that questions the Faith is branded a heretic and unbeliever, promptly forgotten by them and their institutions, unpersoned and shunned; treated as Galileo was in his time when Mother Church mandated, backed by the promise of excommunication or oftentimes gruesome torture and agonizing death, a stationary earth that was orbited by the sun.

Like the atomic-bomb worshiping mutants in the film ‘Beneath the Planet of the Apes,’ the members of the Church of Climate Change (and the Cult of Covid) show unquestioning reverence toward that which they believe will inevitably kill them.

There is … an inherent friction between the common reality of worldly existence, in which you, and I, and the ideologically-diseased terrorist must live — and the occult  or “secondary reality” within which the terrorist lives imaginatively; an alternate reality where the killing of innocents to impress others is understood as altruistic heroism. IBID

If there is any doubt whether mass murder on an industrial scale could ever happen here, remember that Pol Pot’s Red Revolution was started with the politically correct intention of reclaiming his nation’s tarnished purity through honest toil and communion with the land … and ended with the deaths of 2 million of his own people the puritanical cadres of feral youth, the Khmer Rouge, deemed too impure to pass with them into the perfection of the post-revolutionary future. Would not the greater good be served then by the deaths of millions of Climate Change deniers, the impure lepers and filthy heretics of the modern day Angkar, if by murdering them you were saving the world?

EDITORS NOTE: This was written just before the whole covid mass hysteria was imposed on the world. Talk about hitting on the golden goose of societal control! While it has not gone away, the church of climate change has, you must see, been largely replaced by the Cult of Covid, and everything in this post could just as well be predicated on the Covid mass hysteria instead of climate change.