Omar’s Accidental MOAB, an Inconvenient Truth About the Federal Government & the MSM

splitscreen of Jewish lobbyist Elliot Abrams and his inquisitor the hijab-wearing congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar.
Ancient adversaries face off in the House or 2 con artists playing us for fools?

NEWSFLASH: Just in from The Stopped Clock Right Twice a Day Universe: Dem Rep Ilhan Omar’s criticism of Elliot Abrams and the Jewish Lobby is legitimate. Oh and she just called the naked emperor Obama’s GAF campaign slogan ‘Hope and Change’ a mirage. So just what the hell is going on here? And dare I say it, I think David Duke is in love.

Speaking of strange bedfellows, what about the dreidel-dominated Big News’s tiresome kid glove treatment of every “Allahu Akbar!” attack ever? The nauseating MSM refrain, “…violence is not indicative of ‘true’ Islam'” just makes you want to barf. It’s almost as if they were related.

Chart showing Arabs and Jews close familial ties, sharing Abraham as the father of both of their peoples.
Semite on Semite violence was a thing since Call Me Ishmael was replaced by One Mohel for Sister Sarah.

Oh, too, there’s that 3rd one, but let us not speak of Keturah matters. So Isaac got the inheritance and Ishmael got the shaft. And, judging from both ancient and recent history, they’ve been at each others’ throats ever since Abraham’s tent flap hit Ishmael on the ass as he was leaving.

Building on their biblical inheritance, Jewish people have brought that success into the modern day, having remained ambitious, smart and opportunistic enough to have carved out a niche in the upper echelons of the MSM (Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Zucker, Lack, Iger, sheeeeeiiiit … the list goes on). The question one always has to keep front and center in instances like this, in this age of hyphenated Americans, is where exactly do their loyalties lie? And before you go batshit crazy on boomrX, let it be known his critical views do not discriminate between the Semites, believing as he does that Islam is incompatible with the US constitution by the fact Muslim-majority countries are invariably authoritarian theocractic hellholes, the antithesis of a representative democracy pledged to separation of church and state. Not to mention the Q’uran-sanctioned practice of taqiyya, a tactic of deception when dealing with unbelievers ie any person that is not of the Muslim faith.

So, then, why is this Talmudic verse any different, which is taqiyya by any other name.
A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim (ie any person that is not of the Jewish faith) asks if our books contain anything against them.Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

Again, it is this essay’s purpose to point out that the current outrage over Ilhan Omar’s criticism of Jewish Lobbyists and their respective organizations is another MSM-lobbed WMD designed to deflect attention from the real outrage, the truth of which sometimes comes, surprisingly, from the place you least expect it, in this case a forked tongue snake.

WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION MEME showing the call letters and station identifiers of NBC, 
Have our lives improved since We the People relinquished our governmental oversight responsibilities to the MSM?

L. Micheal Hager, writing Dec. 10, 2018 in the FOREIGN POLICY JOURNAL on the lack of transparency available about who holds dual citizenship in the ranks of Congress, said, “Some years back I telephoned the DC office of one of my senators for help in identifying Members of Congress who hold dual citizenship. After a long pause, the response was unequivocal: ‘You are not entitled to that information!’ The offices of my other senator and congressman were no more helpful, while two nonprofits promoting ethics in government failed to return my voice messages summarizing the issue.”

So brazenly secretive about an issue that the American public needs to know in order to expose any harmful conflicts-of-interest that could definitely influence how a congressperson votes for those things that would effect his or her favored country’s national interest, not necessarily the country in which he or she resides! Instead of checking out Rep. Omar’s allegation for any validation, they’d rather play both sides against the middle, trotting out their tired and threadbare platitude of a resolution that condemns the chimera of hate speech while completely ignoring the 800 pound gorilla.

MARK TWAIN'S IMAGE NEXT TO HIS QUOTE: It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.