Most devastating effect of worldwide Global Warming?CLIMATE CHANGE ZOMBIES!!!!

A closeup of old Al Gore's bloated face, his eyes closed and bottom teeth bared, looking somewhat like a Climate Change Zombie.
Anthropogenic global warming!…uh…Acid rain! (No, wrong generational doomsday cycle), the destruction of the ozone layer? (ditto). OK, Global Warming! Yes! Climate Change! Oh Gah, yes! yes! yes! Release my 2nd chakra!

The few 5 years of cooling were just an anomaly of the upward trending warming period that had started in the late 1970s and went through the end of the century and had replaced pupils with dollar signs in the palm-rubbing scare mongers chronically bugged out eyes. Accelerated by Al Gore’s golden idol-sanctioned bucketload of projectile vomit AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, the cult of global warming soaked enough proletariat degenerates of a foul-smelling generation lately jonesing for any cause or crisis or something to call their own ticking time bomb, ecological disaster reason-to-be.  Unfortunately for the international con artists creating this worldwide illusion, the downward trend of the world’s climate made some of the converts to the devil’s bargain wonder if selling their souls in defense of a demonstrable lie was really where they should be going.

Enter the perfect replacement: CLIMATE CHANGE — a term so ambiguous it cannot be either disproved or proven, the symbolic antecedent of the eternal enigma of a world encapsulated in a grain of sand. The substitute Rock of Gibraltar for Al Gore, the infernal CO2 spewing confidence man, the accidentally profound scab-catch phrase for the pointedly more pointed GLOBAL WARMING, whose point had started to become pointless once the climate began to cool, has, as the years rolled by, become the point for all things collective; the ubiquitous anti-trenchant torch song for the turning into the necessary evil of the oft-tried but never perfected system of Bolshevik decay.

Desperate politicians bent on maintaining the global warming scam, inadvertently created a term that means nothing, therefore, a perfect analog to the mass hysteria-inducing chimera they’ve been using for more than a generation to try and fool the world … controlling the masses through queering them into the nihilistic, not to mention absurd, belief they are poisoning the atmosphere every time that they exhale.

Timeline chart that details the wild climate shifts over the last four ice ages and subsequent warming periods.
Climatol0gist Cliff Harris goes Thug Life Le Blunt on the 97th percentilizers’ asses.

Excepting the minority tuning in to that still small voice screaming out from their body’s center with unassailable gut feeling, letting them know something is very, very wrong with the current consensus gentium of mass control, this boomrX transmission is being broadcast to the masses on their gold fillings to reassure them they are not alone. Your faculties of logic and reason (unlike your friends’ and co-workers’) are still intact and in good working order because you understand that nothing real can be erected from a faux construct of baseless goo. The scare of Global Warming is and always has been a brickbat for the morally corrupt elites to beat the uncouth workers of the world about the ears and neck with until they exact complete submission.

CLIMATE CHANGE, the bad idea that was just the ticket to pull the wool farther over the chronically pin-wheeled eyes of the misinformed masses of sad, electronics-addicted morons, was a ‘bad idea’ assuming the populace it was foisted upon maintained some semblance of logic and reason, which made an ass out of U & ME for having the temerity to even think such a fallacy could be true. Alas, we live in a horror show hellscape of our own making, seemingly alone and isolated amongst the zombie hordes that are closing in, craving brains not to eat but to hook up to the drafty caverns between their unhearing ears. Championed by like-mindless scientists mainlining the glut of government grant money; the hand-rubbing grubbers of the MSM who could care less whether the climate change they’re pushing is false or true as long as it keeps bringing home the bacon; and the corporate pimps all too willing to virtue signal their deep well of all-encompassing altruism as long as it enhances their bottomline, they pander to the millions of braying sheep who, with the fake innocence of pathetic adult children,will continue to flail around with confused intentions, all along the way still failing to notice the gossimer nothingness of the global empire’s new clothes

The iconic zombie "Tarman" from the 80 classic gorefest RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD exclaiming his love for "Brains!"
Some eat’em, some employ them, but nothing beats’em for seeing us through this sucky world alone.