Khobar to Christchurch: The Battered Woman’s Syndrome of a bloodied Western World

Image of a man with hand outstretched in the process of striking a woman, all done in stark black and white silhouette.
Due to Islam’s habit of using violence in place of debate or reason, the impotent Western World has become the Religion of Pieces’ mentally-beaten,  physically-servile, terror-stricken bitch.

Daniel Pearl, the WSJ correspondent kidnapped in Pakistan 2002, was my introduction to what’s now become the banal act of filmed excruciating and slow decapitation at the hands of a practitioner of the religion of peace. Pearl’s livestreamed beheading was quashed by the MSM for, supposedly, respect for his family. Now, the piercing screams of those poor souls enduring the torture of being hog tied and their bellies pressed flat onto the ground as their necks are slowly sawed in half is old news, with the ho-hum emotional impact of another ice pick to the forehead of a bleach blonde bimbo in a slasher film.

Long before the clockwork regularity of Islam’s atrocities allowed me to reach a high level of desensitization, the likes of Yasser Arafat, the Godfather of hijacking commercial airplanes, as well as the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 that killed 241 US servicemen informed me of this wonderful religion of Islam’s militant ways. Granted, geo-politics is complicated and, being a kid, I didn’t have any notion of when, how and why America ought to project its power across the globe, but even back then I had the strong inclination that we, as a country, should just cordon off the Middle East and leave it alone; their ways are not ours and it’s best they remain half a world apart. The idea a religion rewarded its followers for committing suicide to perpetrate an act of war, even now that it’s become so normalized, is a remarkably hard thing to get ones head around.

A happy jihadist hoisting up two freshly severed heads.
Ecstatic Islamist displaying some freshly cut heads as if he was a lucky fisherman hoisting 2 big largemouth bass.

Now, after a lifetime of growing up watching Islamists bully the world into submission, whether suicide bombers blowing up the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia 1996; suicide bombing trucks blowing up consulates simultaneously in Kenya and Tanzania 1998; suicide bombers in an inflatable raft blowing a hole in the USS Cole, killing 17 US sailors; oh yeah, and hijacking two airplanes and flying them into the World Trade Center, killing 3000+ American civilians; blowing up Pakistan’s 1st female prime minister; cutting the throat of an octogenarian priest at the altar in a church in Northern France; butchering a UK serviceman in broad daylight in the middle of the street; disemboweling people after the rock show at the Paris venue Bataclan; shooting up Ft. Hood with the ubiquiotous call to slaughter of “Allahu Akbar”; Trucks of Peace in Sweden and Lyon; etc and ad infinitum (enter your favorite remembrance of Islamic mass slaughter’s past here); but now we’re expected to be outraged over a bloke finally going ballistic in a mosque? After 40 years of seeing Islamists brutalize, rape and murder in the name of their religion on an industrial scale is it not quite amazing that this didn’t happen a lot sooner?

JOKER MEME: "A Muslim kills white people, no one bats an eye. A white guy kills Muslims, everyone loses their mind!"

The pathetic MSMs response is like that of a battered wife who think that by accepting the abuse that’s in the past she may stop the abuse that is latent in the future (it won’t, but we’re talking about the irrational psychology of a battered spouse who sympathizes with the batterer). And MSM is well aware that even just insulting Islam is dangerous to life and limb: after running a cover derogatory of Islam the Charlie Hebdo offices were attacked and many of its staff killed; a Danish cartoonist was nearly killed for having the audacity to satirize the pedophile prophet; and two ornery Islamists were gunned down (praise God and the great Sons of Sam Houston) before they could go and massacre the participants of a ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest in Garland, Texas. It’s not anything to do with journalistic ethics why the MSM shamefully sides with Islamists, it’s real fear of the high probability of violent retribution.

I am reminded of a Buddhist saying that states something along the lines of you can have all the compassion and love you can possibly fill yourself with but you still don’t sleep next to a mad dog. If you allow Islam free reign inside your nation, your nation will soon enough be a nation ruled by Islam. An MSM that is cowed by threats of violence that will be backed up given enough time is useless and even dangerous as it will actively advocate for that which threatens it most, in the foolish hope (see battered wife syndrome) it may be spared when the nation’s institutions go full Sharia.

You have to admire the rabid followers of Islam. They definitely have the power of their convictions. By welcoming them in, careless Western governments have, wittingly or not, let slip the dogs of war upon their own populations. The bullied and servile MSM that is confederate in its government’s crimes is, perhaps, to be more feared than the governments since they have all now become Orwelliam Ministry of Truths for the majority of national populations that still are captive supplicants of its propaganda.

Unfortunately, to keep more Christchurch’s from happening We the People must Cry Havoc on the insane immigration policies that have led to so many recurring maulings, or face an escalating cycle of violence that has now possibly graduated to the heightened vicious back-and-forth of the Hatfields and McCoys.