Toe Flip Seig Heil: a gif4 our time

It was just a Jewish director’s answer to the post credit add-on 30 years prior to the post credit thang; a sample of a sequel that never was. On seeing it for the first time, there was something so deliciously absurd about it, the most evil man to ever walk the earth delicately gliding across the ice like Dorothy Hamill, performing an athletic double flip that transitions into a perfectly executed camel spin, that me and my friends simply roared with laughter, even if we didn’t exactly know why.

Writing yesterday’s USUK schutzstaphell LARP post, I was reminded of the scene and wanted to include the gif there because it seemed as though it encapsulated the absurd dichotomies of those nation’s government’s politically correct labels versus their totalitarian reality that I was trying to convey. But the graphics I ended up using seemed just right and slapping this on at the end of what I’d written there felt like a bit of overkill that would lessen the impact of what could end up being the triumphant re-emergence of a most excellent and fitting meme.

Even now, I’m not exactly hip to the subconscious appeal of it. Just seems like something that would bugger the sensibilities of the modern day droves of the perpetually offended, which is one of the primary objectives of the never ending war of memes. Se Vrais?

And so…once again I present to you this dusted off gem in all its triggering glory… 


A Hitler GIF where the furor shows off graceful feats of dancing on ice in full Nazi uniform.
Mel Brooks’ time-capsule prognostication & fuck you to the perpetually offended outrage mobs of our day.