US,UK DINO’s Schutzstaffel LARP


Flanked by yellow-vested police officers, Tommy Robinson, a 'you've got to be fuckin' kidding me' look on his face, is taken into custody.
The moment Tommy Robinson realizes he is being arrested for daring to continue to be a thorn in his country’s rotten-to-the-core government’s side. Yellow vests compliments of the new British NKVD.

Well, at least nobody’s been disappeared yet, right? In the case of Tommy Robinson there has been no lack of trying. Imprisoned last year on phony charges for having the audacity to report on Muslim child rape gangs in Britain (a largely ignored and unreported travesty that’s been a thing in the UK now for over 20 years), the charges were later dropped, but not until Mr. Robinson was held in solitary confinement fearing for his life after he was transferred mid-sentence to a Muslim majority prison for reasons quite apparent when you understand they would like nothing better than to silence the one voice calling from the rooftops about THEIR condoning and collusion in the literal rape of the innocents of that post-democratic nation, the UK.

Coincidentally (or not really), the US (UK’s fellow Democracy-In-Name-Only), started its own study in authoritarian scorched earth tactics aided by an entrepreneurial former MI6 agent from across the pond. Financed by opposition research firm FUSION GPS through a Hillary Clinton-backed political action group, Christopher Steele’s salacious pile of putrescence was nothing but sensational fiction more worthy of the National Midnight Star than as the cornerstone of a major foreign collusion/treason investigation. After the damage had already been done, Mr. Steele, was compelled to testify in a lawsuit brought by a Russian businessman impugned by Steele’s doodling, where he had to admit the claims in his dossier had never been verified.

Splitscreen of President Donald Trump and the fabulist-in-chief MI6 agent and contriver of the dirty romance novel that is the Trump Dossier that gave the Russia-Trump hoax legs.

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton helped fund the dossier, meaning Steele (r) was, in essence, her paid agent spreading unsubstantiated charges to get the FBI to investigate Donald Trump.

“The briefings involved the disclosure of limited intelligence regarding indications of Russian interference in the U.S. election process and the possible coordination of members of the Trump’s campaign team and Russian government officials.” [excerpt from an article published in the Dec. 20, 2017 edition of TheWashington Times by Rowan Scarbrough wherein Steele is referencing briefings he gave to several US media outlets on the dossier before it was published in Buzzfeed]

It would be hard to come up with a more ambiguous statement than the testimony in the paragraph above, which was obviously designed by Steele’s lawyers to mitigate the chance of their client being found guilty. Lawyers, the consummate confidence men who spent a lot of money to learn how to sound smart whilst not quite lying because they actually have said mostly nothing at all. However, even the dullest plebe can conclude from Steele’s shameless resorting to the bolded legalistic weasel words above (as well as the recent sputtering conclusion to the all-hype-and-no-beef Mueller Probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election) that the only foreign collusion of that election was between the Democrat Party and a former British spy!

Mishmashed collage of a broken up Union Jack and an arrow titled "BREXIT" in the middle of two other arrows one titled "IN" the other "OUT"
Painting the March 29th deadline for Brexit as the day the world will end, the autocrats in Brussels cling bitterly to their dream of endless delays to forever thwart the collective will of the British people.

And the last aspect of this unholy trinity of totalitarianism in democratic guise is Brexit, or, more exactly, the probable lack thereof. Just like the two examples before it, it’s another blatant attempt to nullify the democratic process by nakedly authoritarian means. Essentially, Britain is on the cusp of canceling democracy because its leaders are too frightened to take back the sovereignty of their ancestors, the thing that Churchill famously declared Britain would never surrender. The current stunted crop of puny politicians, both British and EU, have come up with so many solutions to a process that had already been decided by the nearly 17 and a half million votes of its people all one can say is “For shame!”

When a man who would be recognized as, by any sane citizen, a national hero is turned into a criminal by his own country, and elections overturned by any means necessary because the powers that be can’t abide the fair and lawful results of an election, you have to seriously wonder if the democracy you signed up for hasn’t morphed into something else entirely, the Tree of Liberty cut down and paved over to make room for a literal facsimile of George Orwell’s Airstrip One.