Trump Derangement Probe Spends 2 years Up Trump’s Ass, Finds Nyet.

US Presidency Nearly Torched by Flaming Bundles of MSM-Churned Trash

Robert Mueller testifying in Congress, an enema probe photoshopped in his gesturing hand as he speaks with earnst espression.
“We rammed this up Trump’s butt for 2 years! Don’t blame me if it isn’t fuckin’ dirty.”

To the battalions of media-enthralled hipsters twirling their aioli-encrusted mustaches whilst bleating, “It’s Mueller Time!” … just please, fuck off. Now that Mueller’s report has revealed itself to be a very expensive study in auto-fellatio and self-annihilation, my main question goes directly to the asses with ears of the egg-faced MSM: “Are you shit-spewing assholes ever going to shut up long enough to clean up your foul mess before you end up drowning in it?”

Cartoon: Black srrings reach from the TV screen and attach themselves to the tongue-lolled watcher, turning him into a puppet.

My biased answer to that rhetorical question is that they’ve already drowned in it, and don’t know it. Long since turned into mindless zombies by the monied-interests shoving dollars in their unhinged maws, telling them what they can and cannot say … the tepid Talking Airheads of the dying cable news networks and commie-loving columnists of the dwindling print syndicates are never at a loss for words and, unironically, have nothing of any substance whatsoever to convey.

When FBI agent Peter Strozk let fly the infamous ‘insurance policy’ text to his co-conspirator and personal cum-dumpster Lisa Page, to assure her that, even if the evil Manhattan magnate did manage, against all odds, to overcome the interference of a hostile government-media complex and become President, his time in the White House would be short lived, it was the revelation of the method to unseat Donald Trump.

“Quid pro quo, Hillary. Quid pro quo!”

The now discredited Piss Dossier, thanks to hindsight and common sense, is most likely the insurance policy to which Strozk was referring. Despite it being grounded in nothing more than the base Trump Derangement fantasies of a former British spy, let’s not forget, the unregulated Credit Default Swaps that nearly crashed the economy in 2008 were federally-mandated insurance policies, too. In other words, Strozk’s text was a valuable insight connecting the unregulated weapon of mass deception to the conspirators at the top planning to use the dossier to launch their soft coup. Stranger than fiction that a British agent’s fiction, with the full force and cooperation of a slightly-left-of-communist MSM behind it, was going to be the Macguffin to not only impeach Trump, but overturn the majority will of the American electorate. Tell me again how the MSM is NOT the Enemy of the People?

With the assistance of a now-extinct white RINO, a once credible political party whose mascot is an ass, and most every international mass media company ever, the  unfounded claims of this perverted romance novel were swallowed hook, line and sinker. If nothing else (and there is plenty of ‘else’) this proves those crying “Witch!” are guilty of that which they had been accusing Donald Trump of all along, colluding with a foreign actor to influence a national election. [insert your favorite gallows humor here (sublimal message being, GALLOWS)]

SHAMWOW GUY MEME: But wait … there's more!

The operative word being, SHAM. As in, Wam Bam … Thank You Uncle Sam!,there will inevitably be another major media-government operation designed to fool the People comin’ round again before too long. Like the Credit Default Swaps that caused the Great Recession before it, Steele’s Dirty Dossier was the Trump Default Swap to rule them all. And boy did they take their Precious bait and run.

For two years the MSM has speculated on the color of the orange jumpsuit the President will be frog marched from out of the White House in. Salivating at just the sound of the word, Mueller, not to mention any bon mots the great man would deign to hand down on the Sunday morning political roundups from on high, they all deferred to his judgment and his neatly combed forelock of salty grey hair, until they didn’t get the verdict they all already knew was the foregone conclusion…

J’accuse! J’accuse! J’accuse!

J’t’aime le guillotine ils ont dans le matin.

Sounds like … Nyet?



The$64,000 question: How could an unbiased-MSM allow itself to rely on one source of so-called evidence comprised of a multi-layered Lasagna Of Lies (LOL, thank you Chris Cuomo), a piss dossier written by a British counterintelligence agent with an ax to grind, as the linchpin of an investigation/conspiracy that threatened to bring a US President’s administration, if not violently, at least spectacularly, crashing down, and in so doing abrogating the Will of the People? The answer is inherent in the question, but read Lewis Carrol’s poem THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER for extra credit, and DM me when you’ve finally broken free of your MSM-sponsored, lie-encrusted hell.

Cartoon woodcut of Lewis Carrol's Walrus and the Carpenter sitting on the beach with the oysters they've lured from their beds and are in the process of apologizing about how they are going to shortly eat them.
Bon Appetit, suckers!