eu knows best how To Serve Man

For all the uproar against a US-proposed wall to preserve national sovereignty at risk from a Central American stampede, the UK government is full steam ahead on impeding the free flow of ideas via electronic walls for the doublespeak purpose of stopping ‘online violence’ … also known as ‘mean words.’ These new regs would never be used to stifle, censor and stamp out opposition view points. No never! Neither left wing nor right wing but bat wing and serpent’s tongue in this best of all possible clown worlds, has there ever been a better place to quote the (albeit dazed and confused) old wall-building rock-n-roll icon himself?

Theresa May at the podium speaking to the parliament and the house of commons.
WELL-HEELED BIG WHEELS … HA HA CHARADE YOU ARE! (Theresa May addresses parliament)

These bureaucrat pigs couch their authoritarian schemes in such positive-sounding language that is the opposite of what will actually happen once their WMD are enacted. How many of us were duped into voting for the Patriot Act, giving away any and all personal privacy forevermore thanks to the US government’s leveraging of 9/11? Given the opportunity, the end line law givers of any nation will rarely let a crisis go to waste. Exacerbated by the collusion of a confederate MSM whose original reason to be, watching the watchers, was changed long ago into being the elite establishment’s ministry of disinformation, chimeras like global warming (since changed to the amorphous and unassailable Climate Change) and diversity along with their counterparts doomsday and bloody racism are pushed on the populace, battening them down as the cause celebres of the generation to the exclusion of anything and everything else of real substance whatsoever. Their role as mouthpiece for one-side of the political equation has perverted the meaning of journalism forever. Whereas it used to be to keep all power in check, it now sides with the globalists in calling the nationalistic opposition Nazis and ‘Literally Hitler.’ A reality that would be laughable were it not so prevalent in the institutions meant to balance power instead of polarize it, the time for gallows humor is quickly giving way to the necessity of literal gallows. Wishing to cement their monopoly on thought, governments are now, in tandem with their MSM masters, manufacturing virtual grievance societies that will lead to neo-gulags IRL. Look into the adjudicated thought crimes of Tommy Robinson, Jayda Fransen, Shazia Hobbs and Melanie Shaw if you doubt this UK-based re-emergence of the original thought police, the English answer to the old Russian NKVD.

ONLINE HARMS, the UK gov’s official codification of words as violence, justifying remedial sentences for wrongspeak and cautionary second thoughts for those daring to think across party lines. The Official cover story for the reason of this policy-making white paper is to rein in the too-powerful Big Tech companies, i.e. government as champion of the people. However, in the current era’s perpetual episode of the Twilight Zone we find ourselves in, our own government’s coded language needs citizen cryptologists to translate its true intent, it should be clear that ONLINE HARMS is not the altruistic public service document its cracked up to be but recipes on how to fricassee man.

Twilight Zone advert for the episode TO SERVE MAN. a 9-foot bald alien hold back a hysterical blonde woman as she yells to Mr. Chambers boarding a spaceship to travel to the aliens' home world, shouting, "Don't get on that ship! The rest of the book … To Serve Man … it's a cookbook!"

And too, the audacity of our childless leader’s (the megalomaniacal spinsters Merkel and May in league with Captain Cuckold Macron) go-to bromide invoking the welfare of the children? Oh the desperate pandering! To wit, Ms. May’s public appeal to welcome the censorship and persecution that will be the result of further regulation of the Internet thanks to adopting the policy proposals of ONLINE HARMS:

“For too long these [Big Tech] companies have not done enough to protect users, especially children and young people.”

Sofa king rich that a government that has done its best to ignore and supress the epidemic of Muslim Rape Gangs endemic to its soil would shop its freedom-killing new policy as a protection for its vulnerable youth. The time for gallows humor, it bears repeating, is fast being eclipsed by the need for literal gallows. These people we’ve chosen as leaders have proven time and again to be rotten to the core. Pushing policies of population replacement by invasive immigrants whose ideology is incompatible with Western Governance and Western Thought, who will outbreed, out compete and eventually out convert and out kill us (given the opportunity and the means). They have, wittingly or not, adhered to the bullet pointed Rules For Radicals written 50 years ago by self-avowed communist Saul Alinsky as their instruction manual to clown everyone whilst creating their own upside down one-world Utopian hell by blaming their enemies for everything of which they are guilty.

MEME OF SAUL ALINSKY on one side and BARACK OBAMA on the other with a headline that reads: DEDICATED TO THE FIRST RADICAL …LUCIFER.
Dedication page of Saul Alinsky’s 1971 revolutionary cookbook, RULES FOR RADICALS, also the subject matter Hillary Clinton chose to write her master’s dissertation on. What a coinkeedink.

In the case of Hillary Clinton and the Deepstate Coup to oust the sitting president because of Russian Collusion, the ex-Secretary of State saw millions of dollars dumped into she and her husband’s money laundering foundation after getting then president Obama to sign off on Uranium One, the deal that saw Russia gain ownership of 20 percent of the US’s uranium mining capacity. That is Uranium you blind pathetic NPCs, the stuff that puts the city-killing punch in the intercontinental warheads that can turn the continental US into a giant ashtray of glowing green glass. And a bit of gravy, Bill spoke in Moscow for a cool 500 grand after the deal was done.

One UK example already explained above is the false appeals for the good of the children by a government that has done its best to hide the epidemic of Muslim Rape gangs that prey on the nation’s children, a despicable example of doublespeak and dare I say hate speech if I believed there could be such a thing. Hate for the country one is supposedly there to lead, in plain sight for all to see. Clown word is an appropriate meme for our times. When a former communist agitator’s cookbook for bringing it all down, man, had been the template used by world leaders as their recipe for cultural revolution the majority of their blind and brainwashed masses refuse to acknowledge, even though they can see, makes it quite credible to believe that Lucifer, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, might actually be at the wheel.