Julian ‘The Publisher’ Assange’s Epic Smack Down of the NWO

Bitch-made JINOs get on the mic and tell you they are speaking truth to power all day long, but soil themselves just thinking about the legendary matches ‘The Publisher’ has been through , and the subsequent 7-years Hell in a Cell that it cost him taking on the New World Order, the real heels vying to control the show.

Julian Assange sacrificed his liberty & the best years of his life to speak real truth to crushing governmental power, filling the vacuum left in the world by the insubstantial ersatz and safe journalism practiced by the MSM.

I admit I was on the Assange-is-a-Traitor Train when he was publishing top secret intel about the American war in Iraq. I had bought the NeoCon/NeoLib line without much resistance: “Weapons of Mass Destruction bad! Saddam bad! Hulk smash!” And didn’t even stop to think about the blatant contradiction of invading a a country that had had no connection to the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. I, like a lot of Americans, just wanted revenge. It didn’t even matter at the time that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by 19 citizens of Saudi Arabia; it was good enough that we were extracting our pound of flesh from a part of the world that was a reasonable facsimile of that hated ideological persuasion. Julian Assange, and the MSM that held him up as the leading light of truth to power, were both my enemies, and I would have cheered with the rest of the rabble had he been toppled like Saddam, ignorant to the fact Assange was, in actuality, trying to be America’s best friend.

As the months and years passed and the WMD were never found and the body count continued to rise even after GWB had landed in that there fighter jet on the deck of the aircraft carrier, deplaned and proclaimed, “Mission Accomplished!” it became uncomfortably apparent that I’d been duped into backing another shitty episode of United States World Police (the first being under Daddy Bush in the early 90s), sacrificing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars for what? Blowing up the Middle East much better than we had 10 years before, setting off a chain reaction of mass migration that is by extension, if not destroying, then restructuring the world? In infuriating retrospect, there is an uncanny case to be made that this was the plan all along; a rotten deal that rhymes with a well-known trope of our not-so-distant history, if one could only read the dead, lying lips of a rotted sack of ill-conceived skull and bone.

The Bush Wars: GHWB was up front about the Globalist Objective of the 1st Gulf War. If Wikileaks had been around in the early 90s, perhaps we would have been able to avoid Baby Bush’s 2nd NWO-inspired slaughter.

Fast forward to the presidential election of 2016. Polls! Polls! And more Polls! HRC is number 1 with a bullet (but different than the two to the back of Vince Foster’s head). The MSM gas light is burning brighter than it ever has before in defense of what ought to be indefensible, and the “no-intent = no-crime” fan dance Gentleman Jim Comey performed, teasing with the recitation of Madame Secretary’s crimes, then covering back up with the now infamous “but no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” obfuscation in the run up to the coronation of America’s first queen. Once the FBI had unlawfully cleared the criminal giving us the finger in plain sight, her momentum seemed unstoppable. Then Julian Assange and Wikileaks rained down a can of whoop ass on her charade.

All the queen’s bleachbit & all of her hammers couldn’t destroy ALL of the proof they’re all corrupt mammerjammers.

The e-mail proof of the corruption spread to the laptops and cell phones of the People, and the dominoes began to fall. I’ve listed some of the subsequent resignations and firings in past posts, but suffice to say the media reaction to the unexpected disclosure was a complete 180 in relation to the reputation of one Julian Assange. The once-lauded purveyor of Truth was now a pariah in the mainstream’s I’s. Shortly after the publication of the e-mails, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was desperately scare mongering and Media-splaining: “…remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media. So everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.” accidentally showing anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see how he fancies himself like a member of the Catholic Clergy before the Christian Reformation, a necessary buffer between God/Truth and the unclean peasants who are too stupid to figure it out for themselves. (The same unintentional Freudian Slip was suffered by Mika Brzezinski as she media-splained how President Trump’s use of social media to circumvent the MSM “could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job.”

My animus toward Wikileaks and its founders back then was short-sighted and political, with no basis in the reality on the ground. In the years since I have come to realize corruption has no party, that DC has been the pinnacle of power for so long that it has, by default, become corrupted absolutely, with a soulless floor show of party politics designed to placate and distract the dumb masses, abetted by the distortion and the lies of the corporate MSM. You shall know them by their cynical reaction to the dance card of this journalistic cage fighter known as Julian Assange: an international hero when he was pile driving W’s illegal Iraq War, but an Enemy of the People when he’s choking out the putrid DNC.

His name was Seth Rich.

That one man could grapple with the most powerful governments in the world and bring them to their knees with nothing but the leaked transcripts of their own corruption, I realize now, is one of the most courageous acts of heroism anyone has ever undertaken and survived long enough to tell the tale. My profound hope is he finds asylum here in the land of We the People and is allowed to keep bringing down the hammer on the well-heeled big wheels who think they are untouchable. He knows a thing or two about hacks and leaks and real collusion, and though heretofore he’s been too honor bound to divulge his source, a court order could compel him to finally confirm the DNC server was never hacked by Russia … but was a leak captured on the thumb drive of a fed-up staffer who was sickened by the fact he’d become caught up in the corruption he’d come to DC to countermand.