Mad Lib Unwastes Good Crisis

Clear case of smoking while French. Nothing to see here. Exuent Stage 4 Cancer, Apocalypse Maintenant!

When Notre Dame burned down it made me [verb]. It was the 1st Day of Christianity’s Holy [noun]. The 900-year-old Gothic cathedral was a bulwark of France’s deep [noun] tradition. The catastrophic fire, some say, is a symbol of the [noun] of the West. The stupid Frogs [verb] too much, and never police their own [noun]. Sacre Bleu! French authorities have already categorically ruled out [noun] as the cause of this disaster. Although, they [verb of be] reverse this diktat faster than [noun] on [noun] if they are able to connect it avec les Gilet Juanes! The recent plague of [noun] aimed at French churches is an [noun] of how diversity is our strength, not cause for alarm. Enjoy your [adjective] kebabs. Bon appetit.