Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, Clown

Another day, another published piece of cry bully propaganda to add to the already information overloaded, Clowered-&-Pivened-to-death US public’s brain. Coronating itself with the crown of thorns of holy martyrdom, the JINOs at the appropriately named Yahoo News have heaped their own sins upon the whistleblowers’ shoulders, when, after all, the whistleblowers are  you and me.

Political leaders’ hostility towards the media “has incited increasingly frequent acts of violence that have fueled an unprecedented level of fear and danger for journalists,” the report added.

Now with a simple subject/predicate swap …Media outletshostility toward Trump has incited increasingly frequent acts of violence that have fueled an unprecedented level of fear and danger for himself and his voters

The fact that, at any given point in space-time, either of these statements (one from the aforementioned Yahoo story and the same text pointedly rearranged by me) will simultaneously be true and false is proof that we are living in parallel universes that exist side-by-side on the same continuum down which we find ourselves presently careening.

Jorge Borges’ famous story TLON, UQBAR, ORBIS TERTIUS is predicated on a secret set of fake encyclopedia detailing the linguistics & geography of a world within the World it is consuming and is destined to destroy.

Scrolling down at least a hundred deep, I did not find one comment that was not fiercely critical of the veracity of the dashed together piece of slapstick scribery. As with most Yahoo articles of the present day, the essence of its mendacity is expertly summarized in the public comments that, by minimal degrees of near-total opposition to the article’s original intent, are examples of logical translations of real-world thought by negation, extrapolated from Clown:

Stories like this are why no [one] trusts the media. This is pure political posturing. The US is 48th in press freedom? Really? You say that with a straight face and expect ANYONE to take you seriously? These are not “journalists.” they are political activists, the media wing of the Democrat party.

Like Borges’ ficcione, MI6’s Chris Steele’s dossier is perpetuating an alternate reality imposing itself onto our own.

Regardless of its logical heresies, the Steele Dossier has been contrived to sow the seeds of doubt that, over the 2-year Mueler gestation (that unto itself and for itself the Dossier had been created), have flowered into endless fields of bellicosity and discontent. The convergence of a real news headline in its vicinity, trumpeting the National Unemployment Rate is at a 50-year Low, is swallowed up and consumed by the contracting fake news sphincter of the Trump-Russia black hole. The National Enquirer has just been sold for 100 million dollars! Goebbels-like, the truth has been made inconsequential by the high rate and constant duration of the Media-Government Complex-driven LIE.

A concentrated dynasty of overly-occupied and unscrupulous men has changed the face of the Nation. The contact and habit of Clown has begun to disintegrate and re-order this world; the sudden appearance, in particular, of the hundred mile-diameter red rubber nose adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean an ominous new landmark of, in general, conspicuous inclusion.

Still, their task continues. Already the schools have been invaded by its iron-clad conjecture; already the teaching of its disharmonious dialectic has wiped out the clarity which governed in my childhood; already a fictitious past occupies in our memories the place of another.

Soon, presumption of innocence, right to privacy & logic will disappear from the globe.


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  1. The problem here is there is no independent media in the US – most mainstream media outlets, even Fox News, are totally controlled by the Deep State. This is mainly the CIA, which has always been an instrument of Wall Street, the State Department, and the so-called non-profits funded by the CIA (eg the Atlantic Council). All of this has been well documented.

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