The enduring stench of Hillary’s blatant crimes. Can you Smollett? 2-tier justice? Sheeeeeiiiiiiiiiit …

With similar disdain FBI-director James Comey displayed for the People by ticking off the irrefutable crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton that 2016 summer day and then, with a straight face, saying no reasonable DOj prosecutor would bring charges, the Chicago DA has cleared the actor-turned-race war-promoter Jussie Smollett of any and all charges in his now-canceled hate hoax trial.

Hillary meme:: Head cocked to the side, smile as she throws her hands up and shrugs her shoulders: Deleted 31,380 plus EMAILS … "For Convenience"
As well as smashing cell phones to useless bits with hammers, BUT there was no intent.

The article linked in the 1st para up there is a transcript of the then-FBI director’s infuriating doublespeak, wherein the crimes of having classified federal government e-mails on a non-government server are listed, then just as flippantly dismissed and ignored because, in Comey’s words, there was no intent.

Anyone who is paying even the slightest attention knows ‘intent’ has nothing to do with court cases covering negligent behavior. Just because you did not mean to run over the person with your car and kill them does not automatically relieve you of responsibility! And in this case, where national security is involved … would you or I be walking free if we’d foregone the government e-mail system and set up our own server? Just the fact she set up a private server shows ‘intent’! You cannot not intend to set up a private server to circumvent the government one you know is a prerequisite of the job! And by the very nature of working in the Federal government at the highest level, you would have to know you were breaking the law or be a total brainless moron not to know that it is illegal to do so! Jesus Christ, we are all just sitting here and letting this happen? No wonder they can call out crimes and then simply dismiss them with a wink and a nod. We the People have become sheep. There is no opposition political party if this kind of naked criminality is and has been allowed to go on without any repercussion or prosecution now for years.

Set aside the possibility that this unauthorized server of hers might have been put in use for the express purpose of hiding Clinton Foundation donations for State Department favors, the fact she conducted government business on an outside server would have put anyone else away for years. I repeat, just the fact she was using an outside server for State department business would have put you or I away for a multitude of years. To cover his ass, Comey even alludes to this fact in the transcript linked above! (see the caption to the meme below)

James Comey's face photoshopped onto the dinner-jacketed body of the MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD meme-fame: "I don't always overlook criminal activity, but when I do … it's because I found my suicide note while going through Hillary's emails."

“Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”  … “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.” taken from James Comey’s statement made July 5th, 2016 concerning the 1st FBI investigation of the Clinton E-mail Scandal. 

In other words, Comey is spitting in our faces saying, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others, you stupid prols.” It is so infuriating to rehash this rape of justice that we all just let fester without so much as a peep because the majority of us do not pay attention, which reminds me of Benjamin Franklin’s caution, and I paraphrase, We’ve given you a good republic … if you can keep it. Seems we’ve kept it in name only for quite some time now.

And here I was going to delve in to the Smollett case again, but who even cares about Jussie Smollett’s dropped charges in the face of what we all just let slide (and continue to let slide) right before the 2016 election? Sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiit, it is just another reasonable outcome in bizarro world and just desserts for a comatose country that couldn’t care less.

UPDATE: As far as connecting dots, the big fish that would have been caught up in the drag net had either Clinton or Smollet cases gone forward has the initials BO. Though the connections, Jus Smollett’s sister having been an aide to BO’s partner Big MO, are second hand, and the photos of the trio are out there too, but relatively inconclusive, there are enough buffers to insure BO & Big MO both have plausible deniability, as the mafioso say. It would, though, explain how such obvious miscarriages of justice could and would be enacted, perhaps, for the good of the People. By implicating such a beloved and revered ex-president (he pulled the wool over the eyes of the masses) who happened to be the first partially black holder of that office would probably set off an actual race war. BO, no matter how corrupt he was, is untouchable in the world of realpolitik.