Global Warming Co-conspirator Flat Earth Theory Takes the Piss

A variation on the theme of the sandwich board-wearing preacher pacing up and down Times Square, but this time on a global scale, the placard-wearing doomsayers were the national government officials demanding their citizenry REPENT! because the science is settled and THE END IS NIGH!

From Gore’s mouth to our fears: the world will end in x amount of years. But then, predictably, it doesn’t.

But something funny happened on the way to the apocalypse; their cries of Wolf for planet earth had expiration dates that, invariably, came and went with no events of mass extinction. Generation Xers of a certain age will hearken back to a time when the bugaboo of climate science was apocalyptic global cooling! Now a full-fledged adherent of the extinction of mankind by warming contingent, Barack Obama’s former ‘Science Czar’ John Holdren warned in a text book he wrote in 1971 that a billion people would die in “carbon-dioxide induced famines” as part of a new “Ice Age” by the year 2020. U F’ing kidding me!? No. Kidding aside, isn’t so very convenient that, come hell or ice water, carbon dioxide causation has been used as the scapegoat of world ending devastation whether the end result was hot or cold.

Professor Judith Curry, who heads up the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology, noted that Prof. Richard Muller’s oft-cited Climate Study pointed up a major anomaly for those who may still believe that the earth is warming and that this warming is caused by human use of fossil fuels: there has been no increase in the global temperature since 1998 in spite of the fact that carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is considered the major cause of global warming, has continued to increase.  This calls into question any direct cause-and-effect linkage between carbon dioxide and global warming.  This in turn suggests that the continued use of fossil fuels may not produce catastrophic results as global warming advocates like Al Gore have long proclaimed.

Well before an of these scholarly refutations had bubbled up from the cess pit of AGW theory, politicized warnings of climate Armageddon was all the rage. A former United Nations director of environmental programs was quoted by the Associated Press in 1989 stating that without immediate worldwide action rising sea levels caused by global warming would wipe entire nations off the map and the coastal flooding and crop failures “would create an exodus of eco-refugees that would be the source of worldwide political chaos.” Al Gore said some things that never happened: increasing polar bear populations bely his predictions that they’d by now be extinct; the Arctic Ice Cap is still frozen and Antartctica, according to NASA satellite data compiled in 2017, gained 112 billion tons of ice from 1992 to 2001. So much for Al Gore, but he’s made millions investing in Green Energy so at least he’s consistently looking out for number 1, eh? Who gives a damn if he thinks your dumb as number 2?

Modern Flat Earth Theory: a psy-op raising false equivalency between th calculated AGW lie propogated to enslave the world & the geoplanar concept, assumed in good faith, by the limited observations of primitive man.

Speaking of dumb shit, it appears the globalist elites idea of damage control for the floundering legitimacy of AGW/Climate Change is a joke wrapped in an indefensible blast from the past. Back when people were ruled by anecdotal evidence based on what they saw from horizon to horizon it would have been the logical assumption to make that the earth was flat. Before the inception of the scientific method that allowed ancient astronomers the observational wherewithal to gather empirical data that suggested the shape of the earth was spherical: for instance the curved shadows comprising the phases of the moon, and the roundness of the moon itself. Suffice to say, the earth has been known to be a big blue marble since antiquity. In this age of high altitude air travel and communications predicated on satellites orbiting the earth, the suggestion that our planet is any shape than what it is has been proven nothing if not patently absurd. And yet, that is the method to their madness.

Re-injecting such an universally disavowed worldview back into the public arena of ideas, with supposed sincerity as to an honest inquiry of its viability, only serves to drive an already information-overloaded public to distraction. It is in truth a cynically-placed ideological aneurism with a time-realeased trigger that, when it explodes, will seriously damage and disrupt the logical flow of an otherwise, relatively speaking, uncluttered brain. Then, by comparison the gossamer tenets of their doomed Doom Religion will not quite be so noticeably threadbare.

Get it? Only flat earth-believing ignorant Luddite morons could be stupid enough to deny Global Warming!

The idea that such an inquiry is uncynical and taken seriously enough as to be given any space for relitigation is an affront to logic and reason. Not only is it wrong on a factual level, but so many other subtle psychological levels as well as to be a mental representation of chaos theory’s infinite feedback loop concept of nature as demonstrated in the unending repetition of the neverending formation of a constantly repeating Mandelbrot Set.

The Globo-Soc strategy is an infinite-headed hydra of equal parts mendacity & defemation, endlessly repeating feedback loops of false but once-and-future certain information, making orderly mockery of everyday disorder.

The following are just a few of the implications:

  • Inverts the aphorism “Seeing is Believing” in that Flat Earthers, in the world of Satellite imagery and high-altitude flights that trace the curve of the earth, willfully repudiate what their own eyes can see.
  • intentionally confuses matters by the naturally-occurring cross referencing that goes on when two prominent (though different) concepts share the same object predicate, namely the Globe/Earth, and the same headspace in space and time. ie Which one is true and which one is false again? What’s CO2 got to do with it, again? Did Obama endorse either one or both, or none?
  • the utter disgust with which the cerebral cortex must surely be vibrating for the demonstrably false claims of the absurd adherents of the absolutely infinitely absurd theory of Flat Earth, thereby taking some of the scrutiny off of the albeit absurd, but far less infinitely so, theory of AGW/Climate Change, making it seem, in comparison, almost viable.
  • sets the indignant frontal lobe’s cerebral cortex in opposition to the instinct-hardened medulla oblongata, wherein the collective unconscious ‘remembers’ the certainty of the existence of flat earth, thus inciting a war of time-distorted reason between the truths of today and the those of the pre-antiquity brain.
  • in line with the principles of Chaos Theory it juxtaposes the orderly impossibility of a modern belief in Flat Earth Theory with the certainty of disorder that climate science claims to own on the subject of Global Warming even though, according to Chaos Theory itself, “we can never know all the initial conditions of a complex system in sufficient (i.e. perfect) detail, we cannot hope to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. Even slight errors in measuring the state of a system will be amplified dramatically, rendering any prediction useless. Since it is impossible to measure the effects of all the butterflies (etc) in the World, accurate long-range weather prediction will always remain impossible.
  • if/ but so wrong to even be taken seriously … rational human being’s sensibilities will be flooded with anger at the absurdity of this absurdity even being seen as having the remotest possibility that another rational human living today could possibly entertain as being remotely possible, let alone whole-heartedly accept such an easy logical fallacy. The luminous liars cling like ambulance chasing lawyers to the buckboard of a once-profitable gravy train even if it is sunk to the axles in mud. According to their disingenuous calculations, feeling is believing no matter what is able to be seen.

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  1. Oh hai Mark,

    love the comparison, but the stretch is way way much, much tearing of the fabric of your credibility. The argument of the confederacy between the two recent media-pushed phenomena one of reducto ad absurdum, but then I guess that might just be the point. Good luck elucidating that … erm … point.


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