Man to God: Believe not Be

If 20th Century history teaches us nothing else it is that nothing good comes from the State that has abolished God and substituted itself in its place. Inevitably, the auto-theocratic rulers of such States (e.g. Stalin, Mao & Pot) assign themselves Divine title, directly or by some tacit understanding in concert with an all-encompassing public cult of personality, granting themselves and their small inner circles God-like authority. For a while, it’s high times for those few on top lording it over the multitudes, and, in case you haven’t noticed, it never ends well.

If it seems I keep repeating myself, I do. Under a barrage of pop culture bashudo to stir us up over gossamer nothings, we fall to the wiles of our corporate puppet masters. This nonstop social engineering requires constant vigilance to call it out and strip it away. The bottomline is the war currently being fought between Nationalism and Globalism. In our particular sphere, the combatants are Donal Trump on the Nationalist side and Washington DC filling the Globalist agenda.

All the scoffers scoff on the frequency of bleating sheep because they themselves cannot hear. History, for them, is yesterday’s news and the future the scry stone they hold before their faces to glean the most up-to-date scores and current fashions and outrage du jour. The government schools only exist to graduate nice fantasms, ignoring the monstrous realities that await the brunt of their woefully unprepared and unlearnt offerings once they’re out the door.

Whatever happened to comparative studies? Isn’t this indicative of a course that will lead you toward connecting the dots? What we got in return for complacency and white guilt are the booby prizes born of the numb yet conniving skulls of the Marxist profs that have made tenure their Treblinka of the open and honest discussion of ideas. All the institutions have been bankrupted by censorship and lies of omission.

Progressives, thy name is Marxist … an ideology so discredited and vile that it is generationally cloaked in new vestments that still cannot block the stink proving it’s rotten to the core.

They have made themselves Gods, and are so drunk on their omnipotence the inevitable violence will come without warning when the one false God more charismatic than themselves comes to cut their throats and put their heads on pikes.

Belief in God, whether you believe it or not, puts all men in check and insists they become self aware enough to actually know they are not the Alpha and Omega, but a speck of dust rotating for a brief span upon a mote barely relevant in the universal I of the Beholder.

Trump at least speaks for nations of people united and praying to one God whereas Washington DC relies on exploiting disposable masses upon which it will inevitably prey.

Turn off the cable! Turn away from the corporatist networks that only answer to the Mammon of Global profits. Let recent history be your guide and connect the goddamn dots yourselves! There is observably something within us that irresistibly pulls us toward the Divine whether without or, lord have mercy, within us, and woe betide those that find themselves under the thumb of the one who’s cultivated belief in their own divinity.