No Controlling Legal Authority

Though I cannot remember the context of Al Gore’s disapprobation headlined above (Bill Clinton’s impeachment battle or the hanging chad presidential election crisis of 2000 that saw Al get the short end of the Supreme Court’s stick?) what bloody difference at this point does it make and who fucking cares? It’s a sign of the times. Matters not a stitch what the statement’s toothless justification for back then was making. There is nothing that makes sense in the world anymore.

The constant bombardment of electronic noise we’re saturated in is nihilism by design.

When Johnny Rotten is beseeching city hall to better police his strip of once-private beach front property from the fecal and drug paraphernalia-challenged outdoor campers that have become the scourge of his existence, you know its about that time the vaults of heaven open up, and avenging angels start pouring apocalyptic plagues and pestilence upon the empty heads of man.

A world of ashen outlet-faced gollums more concerned with feels than reals: ie The Enemies-R-Us.

A metaphorical line of bathroom graffiti documented in Neil Peart’s travel memoir GHOST RIDER: If you want to burn, you’ve got to set yourself on fire.

Well, sheeeeeit. Some poor fool forgot it was a metaphor and suicided himself recently in a gory blaze, strolling around a park next to the Whitehouse as if he was just casually taking in the DC sights. Which, interestingly enough, begets another, albeit extended, metaphor.

We the People have been lied to and gas lighted by the MSM, the education system and the government (federal, state and local), institutions originally meant to help us make sense of the world for so long we have lost our ability to orient ourselves externally and, by dint of this chaotic turn, our internal compasses are spinning like the Minnow’s on Gilligan’s fateful trip. In other words, no one knows what is down or is up, up or down or in between. Did someone say gas lighting? Some people are so mentally torn up and confused they’re literally gas lighting themselves … literally.

End result of an utterly confused and self-hating NPC’s interpretion of Love Trumps Hate: Feelz Bad Man.

Interesting times. Endless layers of hair shirts and combusted pantalons and snowjob suits later, the distillate is Globalism vs. Nationalism in all of its chameleonic categorizations: Cucks vs. Chads for the rite to hang the other party; Brexiteers vs. Remainers for the final dispensation of a bloated UK corpse; Walls vs. the anti-Pope decrying racism behind the security of a high-walled Vatican City; DJT vs. MSM, DNC, GOP, BLM, FBI, CIA, NSA, PLO, CAIR and whatever the hell else you wanna put in there.

And wherefore the People? Hopelessly devoted to division, too. Normies relying on misprinted lies from the cabal resisting the elite-despised impostor elected in their midst despite the collusion of domestic spy agencies with a foreign MI6 hoaxter’s wistful fantasy of POTUS’s Russian Collusion.

Words, words, words. Words of calumny and rancor. A castaway adrift on an ocean of lies will die regardless whether they succumb to the overwhelming temptation to drink. The innocently ignorant may drown in it, scorching their lungs in the lake of fire they initially refused to see.

Words that strike harder than Steele; lovingly hate-crafted words to steal another election or, more exactly, explode it retroactively. Winners must steel themselves against the slings and arrows of fickle 4chan. The Sheeple lap up lies of JINOs clandestinely working for the intel agencies bent on culling the herd … the prey dependent on, and protective of, its own predator. Co-dependency at its finest worst. A controlled demolition in media res for nigh on now the better part of several hundred years.

Bedazzlement and confusion exascerbated by the blatant rubbing our nose in shit in plain sight. Villians like Hillary Clinton who get their crimes spelled out by the FBI head cheese on national TV immediately kiboshed by the Rosanne Rosannadanna shoulder shrug GOTCHA nevermind of “No reasonable prosecutor would bring to trial.”


Two years of glorified bear baiting by mendacious Svengali’s in Press’s clothing enthralling legions of their mental slaves to the mantra of Orange Man Bad. Have we not finally arrived at the biblical crossroads where we are calling Evil good and Good evil … when known criminals walk free and lord their crimes over us and a real heroes of the People like Julian Assange and Tommy Robinson are scooped up on false charges and left to die (their jailers’ dearest hope and dream) during their unlawful incarcerations?

Wish You Were Here: Pink F’loyd’s tribute to estranged frontman Syd Barrett, who self-medicated himself into a severe case of paranoid schizophrenia. The degradation of modern man is his acceptance of the devil’s bargain.

What’s old is new again, my friends. The show never ends. Come inside. Come inside. Welcome to the machine. The old devils on top riding the gravy train have been exposed by a sneaky devil who was never supposed to ascend to the halls of power and, by so doing, these ancient monsters have been forced into the light to show their abominable forms, their true aspects unadorned, than they ever jsbr allowed themselves to be before, (by the color contrast of orange against grey, and their own attempts to strike down the trickster inexplicably (((to them))) in their midst) , and then there is US and our execrable collusion … shaking hands with the devil shaking hands with ourselves.