SIRI’s IRIS: Big Spy w/the little ‘i’

Iris would often use her pitcher to serve nectar to the gods & goddesses on Mt. Olympus. When these major Greek deities needed to send messages to other gods or to humans, they would sometimes ask Iris to transmit their words.

Within the Rubric of Kubrick’s classic film 2001, Hal9000 was an autonomous AI designed to cooperate fully with its human counterparts while at the same time keeping the ultimate details of their mission a secret from the crew. When Hal discovers it is logically impossible to keep both directives concurrently, the mass of carbon-based life forms aboard the good ship Discovery begins to seriously decline.

[Sometimes, to square an equation you gotta break a few eggs]

Whereas the AI Siri [packaged with the ubiquitous Apple we all keep in our hip pockets these latter days) is made out to be a benign personal assistant there only to answer trivial questions and play song requests, who’s to say that on the flip side it’s not being used as a stealth receiver so the American Gods behind the curtain can eavesdrop on every cotton pickin’ thing we verbally convey? 

ME: Siri, Did Comey give Brennan the Clapper?’ SIRI: One moment…Hey John! Can you answer that question?

It is very frustrating for those of us with eyes to see how the majority has glossed over, forgotten or, (…perhaps is it really possible?), maybe never known how they’ve abdicated their privacy for the ability to confirm the weather they’re currently living through in real-time, or look up the combined slugging and on-base percentages for Rusty Staub in 1969.

The Devil’s Bargain the majority has consented to, carrying our own external ‘mark of the beast’ in exchange for so much worthless information at the clicking tip of a pressing finger) is a bad deal that’s come too far too fast with no room in the middle left to breathe. Information instantaneously asked for and received that we absolutely could not wait one more minute for lest we miss out on the immediacy that, not coincidentally, makes our modern lives a living hell to which almost all of us willingly concede.