If enuf believe it’s 4 the children, it must be true, w/one exception

Greta Thunberg, the face of exploited youth & autistic monomania, says she wants politicians to listen to scientists on the existential threat of climate change when what’s happening is the scientists have been listening & observing so long they’ve been corrupted as well & are more than willing to provide self-servicing politicians with skewed statistics & bogus studies so they can all cash in on the most lucrative mass hysteria-driven scam ever sold.

All the latter daze aints are starved of O … less than zeroes who think they have a right to constantly command you like they’re CO’s, too. So howzit their toxic bugaboo is breathed in by the foliage that supplies their vegan diets? In other news useful for all carbon-based life forms, it is vegetation that synthesizes carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen at night. When did our exhalations become poison to the environment when, in actuality, its an essential component of the cycle of life?

Jah! Kuru. Maybe? Uhm…

Limitless CO2, which warms the earth like a million suns according to the naive dupes on one side of the multiverse. Led by an autistic Swedish girl, exploited by the same profits of doom she’s become a shill for, the useless useful idiots use their false Cassandra to storm the barricades of their psychoses, doubling, tripling and double-dog-daring down on the ever shifting coordinates of their definitely-this-time-doomsday line(s) in the sand.

The manufacture of a successful consensus gentium doesn’t have to conform to reality, as long as it’s about ‘the welfare of the children,’ your sale is nearly closed; match the narrative to the formula and you can turn shit to gold. The singularity will suck the light from people’s eyes, tearing and twisting and changing it beyond the unknown physics over the event horizon down the wormhole of lost hope and despair, ejecting alchemized shit for brains in a never ending jet stream spewing filth across the universe.

The mainstreaming of DesmondisAmazing is more proof American pop culture is using sensory overload tactics to confuse and overwhelm the system, demoralizing & effectively labotamizing new generations.

In keeping with the moratorium on certain words mandated by the Authority, who want to scare you into obliviated silence, wee sofa king wee Todd did, our genitalia have engendered 61 more imaginary iterations.

With one penis and vagina between ’em

Cloward & Piven attacked the System

With excess welfare & free bread

They nearly killed the State dead

Now they’ll finish it off with transgendrism

The progenitors of a radical strategy to overwhelm American society, even Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven couldn’t have foreseen the damage to be wreaked upon it by filling kids’ heads with the mind-altering proposition that the organ physically ancoring their sexual identity was not at all what it seemed, peepees and hoo hahs didn’t mean a gosh darn thing in regards to reality because muh gender is a spectrum and it’s all very scientific and … “Get away from me kid, you bother me!”

A photo staged by a brown supremacist group that wanted to expose the issue of brown children in cages on the Mexican border went viral as proof of white supremacists putting kids in cages on the Mexican border.

“But just think of the children!” is the rinse/wash/repeat mantra that desiccated wampyre Bella Pelosi uses as justification of that other cause celebre que vamanos nada; in plain English, fiddling while the border burns. Regardles of the fact that American kids are dreamers, too, they are not the right nationality or skin color. Silly citizen, rights are for kids … non white, that is, and non-citizen. Si se puede, yes I know, for the Democrats tell me so … do it all for the fucking children, consequences be damned!

..with one exception (or, I should say, 10s of millions)

I’m no scientist, but that’s a very well organized and coalesced lump of cells.