Epstein: Another miracle, on ice

“Do you believe in miracles?” From your lips to dead Jeff Epstein’s ears.

Were it not a case of Divine intervention, it would be easier to swallow a hockey puck than believe the avalanche of coinkee-dinks that aligned to make Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide possible. How else to explain it if not orchestrated by the hand of God? That the most important Federal prisoner/witness of our time was able to, so conveniently, shuffle off to Buffalo is not something that could otherwise be believed … unless the egalitarian system we are living under is all a lie, and what it actually is (depending on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is, of course!) is a star chamber of soulless psychopaths who would scare the pinstripes off the suits of the most brutal mafia dons this side of Sicily.

Nope. No sirree, Bob. Nobody saw this coming. A real goddamn miracle, 100 percent Grade A Choice and bonafide. The devils we’ve elected as our leaders told us so, reinforced by their demonic legions in the MSM.

Doesn’t matter it’s a cover story no one in their right mind would ever believe. Damn those conspiracy theorizing naysayers anyhow, right? BOHICA baby! Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Spread those cheeks wide and cram it all in. God has injected itself into human affairs, and a more deserving subject of divine justice could never be found (excluding the undead lost souls inhabiting their DIY’d Hell of DC). So. Yeah! Except for the scandalously absurd possibility that he was murdered, chalk one up for your boy YHWH! Just like the invulnerable James Comey, he always gets his man … except when it’s a she-devil in a pantsuit and there’s no reasonable prosecutor who would bring the case to trial … (because they don’t want one of those divinely-inspired Arkancides neither!).

The moment Neo wakes up to the reality his existence was totally sucking it for the machines.

Waking up to the fact the culture you live in is a complex system of twisted simulacra designed to mislead you can be a traumatic revelation. The knowledge that the powers-that-be, for the most part, are manipulating your perception of reality for malevolent reasons is a beastly mental burden to bear. So much easier to comply with the prevailing Authority, shut off your mind and accept the frequent instances when it’s required of you to believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5.

An assassination hiding in plain sight, officially mandated as a suicide that could only be made sense of if credited to an omnipotent power, is such a blatant example of cloaking the naked mandarins in visible lies simultaneously being forced down a kneeling populace’s throat. At no time has the contrast been so crass. It is not a matter of whether Epstein deserved to be strangled to death because, by most accounts, he was a demonically inspired demiurge who walked with kings and catered to their most perverse desires; a pedo who parlayed his sickness into a global network catering the ultra rich and famous’s unspeakable taboos. No way this monster existed in a vacuum. Like Michael (not Fredo) the guy was Smart, and commanded respect. How else can you explain him flying so far and for so long when everyone knew the game he was playing? Put 2 and 2 together. Listen next time Pelosi and her gang say they “do it for the children” because, for one time in their miserable lives, they ain’t lyin’. The audacity of the complicit MSM to push the party (suicide) line is just too much corporate cockamamie to swallow …

Unless you believe in miracles?

Like the ‘miracle’ 40 years ago, when a rag-tag team of college amateurs faced off against the most formidable symbol of totalitarian whoop ass the Evil Empire had ever assembled … and won, it’s true now more than ever that our artificially and cynically divided country needs something real to believe in.

Secure your chin straps, fellas. We’re going in.

If, indeed, reality can be manufactured by words save facts, then hope can be discovered in a metaphor.

“Do you believe in miracles?”

Well? …

To hijack a phrase, it depends on which miracles you choose to believe in.