The real radical was that bitch in kindergarten who silenced the opposition with the undisputable champion comeback of the world:

“I know you are, but what am I”

Would that this could be /SARC/ from the aptly named Sarkis whose PhD, regrettably, must surely be in Irony 101.

At this point in current history (as it ver was, thus), the Government/Media Complex (Corporate Globalist Marxists) favorite tactic of blaming their accuser of that which they are guilty is a, by now familiar, prime commandment from the book RULES FOR RADICALS, their prophet Sal Alinsky’s neofascist bible. The tactic, which has been a favorite of dissemblers since time immemorial and of the Teflon Tots who gave you coronary thrombosis of the playground with their impervious Rubber Glue causal dead end comeback stopper, is now the tactic du jour … non! le tactic de siècle!

The sludge of distraction is so great … it’s tonnage designed to overwhelm the individual will to resist the ultimate goal of the group-think Resistance championed by globabl corporated media outlets and pop culture icons from … you’ll inevitably conform to the tenets of the modern day Established Truths rather than keep trying to think critically about the lies that they told ya, are telling and will tell forevermore. Vapid celebs and automaton pols trade irony for what woulda/shoulda been sarcasm if the world we currently occupied had not already been Clown.

Trump rcvd an Ellis Island Award celebrating tolerance & diversity in 1986 w/civil rights icons Rosa Parks & Muhammed Ali. Wherefore, MSM? Then let the negative spin begin! Still, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The above was a half-baked post never finished because of lack of time and inclination. The bottomline was supposed to draw a distinction between the double blind gas lighting that’s a common obfuscatory tactic these latter days of little reason. How we’ve devolved to the point of debating like kids on a playground who don’t take into account any broader perspective beyond the imperative of silencing the opposition to win the argument. Thus, smears, personal attack and nonsensical word games are what pass for the free and fluid hashing out of ideas these latter days. He said/she said. I’m rubber you’re glue, what you say bounces off me and sticks to you and the aforementioned king of STFU for grade schoolers “I know you are, but what am I.” Personally, I’m of the fist to nose to put down these cry bullies in the crafting of a more permanent solution. Call me toxic. Ugga bugga.

For those familiar with the colum writing style of the long dead Bay Area syndicate man Herb Caen or the abstract commentary of the more recently dead comedian George Carlin, mark my words DOT DOT DOT

I’ve come back to this during the impeachment push predicated on more democrat scandal exposed by supposedly treasonous international communiques of the President. How funny these people who are self-avowed Globalists are now cloaking themselves in Nationalist fervor, decrying a President speaking to other world leaders about their self-documented international crimes … Where is the national news when it comes to the video of Joe Biden admitting he had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired (a prosecutor who was about to investigate the wrong doings of the Ukraine operations of a company who employed his son Hunter?) by threatening to withhold US aid to the tune of a Billion dollars. The prosecture was subsequently fired. Well son of a bitch. No takers. The national news is a scam.

The tape is out there for anyone to see. But no one in the corporatist Globalist media will show it because it destroys their false narrative they are hellbent on cramming down the public’s throat. Just swallow what the press and the pols draping themselves in the Red, White and Blue flag they are trying to eradicate (the United State Democratic Republic … nationalism at the core) … in order to get you to believe that the man fighting the hardest to expose their crimes is the one you should be scared of… the attacks on the President are so constant and predictable any reasonable person really has to ask themselves what vile, despicable shit are his attackers hiding?