This came out nearly 40 years ago and could not be more relevant than it is today.

Any rational human being who has been paying attention for the last 40 (or more) years should recognize the ill, uneasy twinge growing in the pit of their stomach is a result of humans’ innate survival skill of pattern recognition. People like lists because they are useful in illustrating these patterns. So, using recent history to delineate some of our keepers egregious tools of mass control I give you my lists!

WAR: and its bogus inciting incident/justification

  • Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin)
  • Gulf War 1 (world policing for Kuwait, opening up the Middle East as the new neolibcon theater of endless war)
  • Bosnia (create a proxy Hitler in Milosevic so NATO could intervene in what was effectively a Balkan civil war)
  • Gulf War II ( Iraq’s nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction)
  • Afghanistan (proxy payback for 9/11 when the 2001 attack was physically carried out entirely by Saudi nationals, an operation that is currently ongoing and America’s best example of constant, unending war)
  • Syria (neolibcon military industrial cash cow continuation of Middle East intervention forever)

SEX: scandals of unfounded or scurrilous allegation used to discredit political opponents of the media’s favored candidate:

  • GARY HART: forced out of the 1988 race (paving way for Bush I) because of alleged marital infidelity complete with photos of him lapping with Donna Rice. Par for the course of Presidents before (FDR, Ike, Kennedy) and after … (need I list all of them, like every president since?) but back in 1988 you could still tank a campaign by tapping into moral outrage by, shock of all shocks, publicizing that a politician cheated on his wife.
  • BILL CLINTON: “I did not have sex with that woman … Ms. Lewinsky.” BJs under the table in the oval office and myriad allegations of rape aside, the ramifications of this largely partisan scandal can be viewed today as the progenitor of the “Payback is a bitch” embroiling the House of Representative today.
  • CLARENCE THOMAS: Democrats getting the hang of their newfound tactic of high tech lynching.
  • HERMAN CAIN: Railroaded by unfounded allegations for, in my opinion, being the Republican kryptonite to the first neomarxist president’s default whipping out of his race card when faced with any criticism from the opposition. A businessman who could leverage his real-world experience to crucify the nonsense pandering of the career politicians (sound familiar?) would have cut through all the smooth talking bullshit of Obama with common sense and exposed 44’s complete and utter vacuousness.

Editor’s note: there have been so many sex scandals, I am missing more than I am including for sure. It’s my belief that men who rise to such heights of power are almost always getting something on the side. It’s just a matter of which ones get caught and how unfavorable or favored they are by the MSM and the various other kingmakers of high society whether they get smeared for it or not.

DOOMSDAY: ecological degradation due to The Man’s evil capitalist system (excepting Chiner cuz communism is cool, plus they don’t take shit and will actually put down dissent with capital violence that will kill you dead)

  • NEW GLOBAL ICE AGE (circa early 1970s): popular pseudo-scientific theory with the major drawback of being presented as a condition of the earth’s geological cycles and thus not an effect of the evil industrial system of Man.
  • ACID RAIN (circa 1980): a blip on the doomsaying social engineers’ screen as it didn’t whip up all that much mass hysteria.
  • HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER (circa 80s & early 90s): see ACID RAIN
  • MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING: proxy religion (death cult) for the nonthinking npc’s looking for something to scratch the innate itch for religion that they have been programmed to deny. The inversion of the Circle of Life photosynthesis chart every 1st grader in the modern era was taught, it turns the CO2 molecules that trees convert to the oxygen we breathe into a poison that needs to be eradicated so the unsettled science of Greenhouse Effect (claims that CO2 causes the temps to rise may be putting the cart before the hearse) will be eradicated along with the implied side effect of suffocating the entirety of the human race. Do you motherfuckers get it yet? No CO2? No oxygen! A case for everyone’s eternal rest.
  • GLOBAL WARMING (I guess it was just too hard to keep saying ‘man-made’ or ‘anthropogenic’ so they just dropped it with the understanding man’s guilt in the matter was settled, just like the science, or at least implied, although one might add that dropping the distinction gives the bastards plausible deniability when the enormity of their scam eventually comes out, as when they are put on the hot seat they can shrug their shoulders and say, “We never said it was anyone’s fault!”
  • CLIMATE CHANGE (see above) and too, don’t you find it somewhat disturbing they are using a term that can perfectly well be used to invoke a crisis wither the temps rise or fall? How convenient.
  • CLIMATE CRISIS (see above) desperation much?
  • CLIMATE CATASTROPHE (see above) I think I just shat myself!
  • CLIMATE DISRUPTION (see above) Oh, it’s finally being walked back?
  • predicted next iteration on the theme: CLIMATE BOO BOO see also WEATHER
Exhalation has been deemed poison and must be stopped. Oxygen is still good, but have you ever tried to breath by just inhaling? The Climate Change hysteria is essentially a Luciferian inversion of the photosynthetic Circle of Life that’s spawned a generation of incidental death worship.

The uneasiness in the stomach comes from the impotent rage we feel in the face of the cynical repetition of these patterns being beat into us by the MSM and their political fellow travelers’ with such metronomic regularity that it has become just part of the background noise of everyday living. Or even the NPCs towing the party line who nevertheless have that still small voice crying out in their guts that they’re rotting themselves out from the inside.

The whole thing reminds me of the opening of the old sci-fi series the Outer Limits. “We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.” In other words, you’ve been punked, you’ve been programmed by the rotten creep of Them, the hand behind the curtain or up the ass of the sock puppet politicians, long before you even had a clue.

What to do when the Long March through the Institutions has already come through? The tools of division are ingrained in the hyphenated language used to delineate our fractured nationalism. American is secondary to whatever race-creed or nationality comes first. We have been fooled into thinking of our fellows in compound words that symbolize split loyalty. Diversity is our strength on pain of ostracism and mass-shaming. The false dichotomy of human society and the brutal atavistic nature of biodiversity in Nature is apparent when you see the latter is predicated on survival of the fittest executing acts of torture, mutilation and killing to secure their daily bread. When the former operates by the same rules as natural biodiversity, get back to me on the whole ‘is our strength’ platitude. When human society devolves to that kind of bestial brutality there will be no more xhi or zherrs or points of personal privilege or safe spaces for you to run to.

Open your eyes and see the patterns right in front of you. They’re tending toward reaping a billion-bushels of Be-careful-what-you-wish-for…