But clowns gonna clown, no matter what. Bow to your master and kiss the frog.

Once, not too long ago, the news the US was pulling out of one of its prematurely-slated ENDLESS WARs would have been met with huzzahs and a figurative if not literal ticker tape parade. But since Dorito Hitler precipitated the withdrawal there came a torrential howl from the pundits, press and the DC Daddy-Warbucks class predicting slaughter, woe and genocide.


Like the ‘tough guy’ smack talking to beat the band as long as there is somebody there to ‘hold him back,’ Erdogan’s taunts of mass eradication turned into murmurs of ‘maybe detente’s better’ once his buffer of US might was gone. Tough talk transformed into a hunt for olive branches once he was forced to look down the trilateral barrel of a Kurdish/ Syrian/ Russian gun. Three days after the harmonizing choruses of certain Armageddon, as always Drumpf won.

Likewise, once the Kurds realized they could no longer rely on their US security blanket, they stopped sucking their thumbs (or pulled them out of their asses) and realized they needed to make nice with the government upon whose land they had previously laid claim (with no repercussions since America was illegally there), thereby picking up the added bonus of protectia from the Russian Bear.


The ghouls who bow their heads only to count their profits while our sons’ and daughters’ flag-draped coffins roll on by are the same assholes screaming that leaving Syria would mean dire consequences … and days later peace breaks out? Oh God if there is justice in the world why can’t we reap it?

I can hear the ghost of Sam Kinison howling!

Have we not learned anything from Vietnam / Iraq and any number of recent US history’s disastrous conveyor belt of undeclared wars?! Refuse to accept DC (and the globalist press corpse) that feeds on the blood of soldiers (assisted by our dumbed-down disinterested acquiescence) with a carousel of ever-changing “reasons” to eternally justify their endless wars.