The Ludicrous-Idiocracy: a big price to pay for dumbster jeans

This fashion du jour is a false projection of everyday utility, and a pox upon society.

Those whose fortunes control the fates of nations, the real string pullers lurking unseen in the wings, went ahead and, on a lark, bet one rockabucks to a carnegie mellon they could get the bourgeoisie to willfully cut up their pants and artfully pull threadbare strings to give the illusion of wear and tear honestly-earned … the fake rags of a LARPing pauper cowed into believing degeneracy is high fashion.

When did we allow our ideas of functional fashion to become so hollow and rotten to the point of even modeling it for our children? I was getting a subway the other day and some 40-something 20-wannabe had a pair of jeans on ‘pre-distressed’ from the hip bone down to her ankle, a more a threadbare full frontal than a modest pair of jeans.

Madam, have you no shame?

Trans-generational crossovers aside, the current trend of our tween and teen class to wear what has been laughably labeled as ‘pre-distressed’ jeans (ratted out strips of denim that past generations would have mended or, frankly, thrown out) is, on several levels, quite distressing.

The trend is indicative of a society ashamed of its own consumerism, aping the effects of a working class existence they do not lead nor have ever earned. Even the term Pre-distressed (the corporately focus-grouped, consumer-friendly name given the current fad of dumpster-trash jeans) should be insulting to, and hear’s the rub, anyone that can think.


Pre-distressed … by what or whom? Are you paying new prices for an actual pair of used jeans, worn out to the point of near dissolution? Or are you paying labor costs to somebody learned in the art of pre-distressing denim demolition? There’s even blog posts dedicated to the proper way to DIY the rips and tears that will make your unfashionably intact dungarees a de rigueur .

A sign of the times, to unthinkingly do what the corporate elite who drive fashion tell you is fashionable. just as we are expected to trust the multi-national corporations (who choose what is news and what remains untold) and believe what they report, unthinkingly. So then it is no surprise we still ride the bandwagons of political parties led by criminals who’s salary is an infinitesimal fraction of their net worth. We have become a society that only reacts to the stimuli they feed us, like fish mesmerized by the phosphorescent dewlaps dangled in the pitch black waters by the hideously fanged Angler Fish, poised and hidden in the fathomless deep.

When you’re in the dark don’t be too quick to converge upon the first light you see.