At a moment when the public zeitgeist is tending toward “Heads on Pikes” & other violent urges to rise up & French Revolution the corrupt political/media establishment of the day, Fartgate literally & figuratively came at a perfect time to relieve a little pressure.

Proof God has a sense of humor not to mention impeccable timing, the bugle blast ripped across the airwaves as the execrable Eric Swalwell was spewing shit at peak output out his herpes-infested mouth. The curious lack of acknowledging the embarrassing happenstance on either the perp’s or Chris Matthew’s part is not curious at all when extrapolated out to these ‘progressive’s usual lack of self-awareness and propensity to create alternate realities to fit their own agendas whilst ignoring those problematic things called facts.

Swalwell’s subsequent denial of the incident is a microcosm of the gaslighting that is the norm of he and his confederates in the MSM; another hoax within the larger framework of the endless carousel of hoaxes they have perpetrated to try and unseat a duly elected president. If you watch close enough you’ll notice that the little shit, on the word Cheat, nearly unseats himself. Save the unearthing of Swalwell’s pre-verified skidmarked pair of soiled underpants, with or without any cut-and-dried evidence to corroborate the identity of the leaker, Fartgate will go down in the anals of modern history, like Epstein’s “suicide” and Hillary’s “intent,” as one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.