It all depends on what the meaning of “IS” IS

Sophistry and the willful manipulation of language for disingenuous ends is much to blame for the current problem of why people, who should at least be in the same zip code, are living in separate worlds.

POINTING THE FINGER BOTH WAYS: DoJ OIG Michael Horowitz lists the FBI’s crime, then wriggles out of his responsibility by artfully demurring to call it what it is.

Exhibit A Behold the insidious linguistic double game teased out in Michael Horowitz’s OIG report concerning the Carter Page FISA application. Besides the egregious malfeasance of the FBI, the weasel words Horowitz uses to define what the malfeasance IS is far more treacherous because, depending on which side of the political divide you’re on, it either proves the corruption of the FBI or diminishes it to the point of being inconsequential. By using inaccuracies and omissions as the IS to describe the 17 instances of the FBI’s willful abuse, instead of lies and omission of exculpatory evidence which is what it really IS, the venerable Inspector General has reduced the seriousness of the crimes, made them analogous to going 54 in a 45 mph zone or listing your eyes as hazel on your drivers license when they are actually green.


With a straight face, Horowitz presents evidence showing that the Carter Page FISA warrant (the co-predicate [along with the opposition research fiction of the Steele Dossier] for the 3-year distraction of the Mueller Hoax) was obtained with 17 lies of omission and commission on 3 sequential applications to essentially trick the judge into signing off on them while, in the same breath, asserting that there was no evidence of political bias? Seventeen omissions and willful lies all with the express purpose deceiving a FISA judge to illegally surveil the political opponent of one Hillary Clinton, the woman who’s law firm purchased the opposition research Steele garbage Dossier but there was no political bias? Are you fucking insane?!

Ahhh, the prized and much abused constituency … manipulated beyond recognition by the soulless golems soliciting their votes. A bloc of democrat and republican pawns who can be characterized as apathetic, easily led and downright stupid. In the constituents defense, you’ve got to understand they’re daily bread is a bombardment of one-way propaganda that never ends.

Orange Man Bad!

Literally Hitler!

Establishment propaganda brought to you by a partisan national press corp that’s jettisoned leads in favor of marching orders effectively becoming a 4th column of talking point-spouting puppets. Paid lapdogs instead of the public watchdogs they will proudly tell you that they IS and are (laughably) supposed to be. Loudly declaring themselves the voices of Free Speech and interpreter of the news, in service to the People as they propagate, disseminate and corroborate the left’s unending flood of lies.


PHEW…that was close! James Comey nearly lets slip a mouthful of the truth before zipping his lip and telling more lies.

Exhibit B James Comey did the exact same presto change-o as Horowitz when he stood before US in that now infamous press conference early July 2016 matter-of-factly enumerating the crimes Madame Secretary committed in her Email Matter and then, without much of a pause at all, creating out of whole cloth a theretofore unprecedented defense that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring the case to trial” because the doddering old biddy had not intended to do any harm, thus declaring her innocent by decree.

Wait. What? Why didn’t anyone with press credentials question how the Buck stopped with Comey? Why was such a transparent and in-our-face miscarriage of justice able to go uncontested and allowed to stand?

And the stupid asshole hypocrites who manufacture the news wonder why conspiracy theories are so rampant?! The motherfuckers who tell us to connect the dots after major terrorist attacks won’t even string a line from A to B let alone do any serious investigation as they deprecatingly pat us on the head and tell us not to come to any unfounded speculations before they, the arbiters of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ sanctimoniously accuse US of so many anathema and ephemeral ISms.


For so many years now, the laziness of language has been enshrined by this maddeningly meaningless throwaway phrase. Could be a result of the famous Bill Clinton impeachment dandy as he lawyerly (aka meaninglessly) tried to drill down to the core essence of his deposition.

That depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

Could be. Regardless of its provenance, the popular phrase shows anyone with discernment that most of us haven’t got a freaking clue. Sounding profound as Descartes’ “I think, therefore, I am” it actually is saying absolutely nothing!

Defaulting to such a meaningless phrase for such a large percentage of our verbal interaction points to the probability that just because we’re saying it does not mean that we’re really paying attention or understanding what is coming out of our own mouths. Then it logically follows that our comprehension is even worse when taking in the information that is being broadcast to us from our ‘betters’ in the public eye and the mainstream press.

DJT the 1st jewish president? What we have here is a failure to communicate. No one is immune.

Exhibit C Where does one begin with the loaded concept of anti-semitism? As a society we’ve become so anti-everything now both sides have fallen into the trap of playing the negative game. Pertaining to the recent signing of this bogus bill to combat anti-semitism on campuses around the nation … the song remains the same. But before unpacking that, allow me to jump into the problem of this very confusing -ism.

Semitic can and does denote racial identity. Jews are semites from Jacob’s line on the Abrahamic family tree. Arabs are also semites from the out of wedlock begatting branch of Abraham’s multi-faceted slave baby mama Hagar. So, anti-semitic should apply to jews and a large swath of the muslim population who are racially arab, right? No. Because what anti-semitism has become and now ‘is’ is particularly only applicable to jews. Why not just call it straigh, and call it anti-jewish? Beats the hell out of me. Maybe the jews would rather not be known as jews?

Now there is an executive order to outlaw a negative (anti-semitism) that is itself so convoluted that it can be many different things to many different people. And it is just another sop to the chopped up and divided realm of social justice where the hierarchy of the oppressed is the metric by which the so-called privileged are given sanction to be oppressed. Free speech is diminished by one more safe space it cannot infringe upon without running afoul of the law. Is it really hate speech to ask who said, Look at who you cannot criticize to understand who rules you?

Arabs (and other races who subscribe to Islam) of the orthodox muslim persuasion get their very own misnomer of islamaphobia. The term used to shame anyone who reasonably rejects the decapitations, stonings, honor killings, hangings, acid and knife attacks and basic all-round intolerance-bred violence that are everyday occurrences in the muslim world. A term that has “irrational fear” built into it, thus turning a rational reaction into a ridiculous, inversion-of-reality smear that still resonates as true with some stupid and deluded people.

But back to anti-semitism…regardless, it seems like a stretch or some kind of cynical muddying of the waters that goes back to the fact that we as a people have so diluted language that we’ve lost the ability to critically think. Words and thoughts are inseparably linked so when words can be used to mean one thing to a subset of people and one thing to another, or like islamaphobia illogically based, is it any wonder that human relations at this point in time are so SNAFU?

Not only do we not comprehend what others (often incorrectly) say, we’re not even listening or understanding what we ourselves are saying. And that is what it is.