Add the word MASS to Strother Martin’s iconic sentence and you’ve got an epigram for our times. Every man, woman and child’s personal feedback-loop device and government transponder, aka smart phone, has unpersoned and imprisoned US in one fell swoop, beating US down with lies, carpet bombing US with 24/7/365 distraction, accelerating the inevitable Death of the West that’s been a storm steadily growing, filling up the horizon.

The contemporary misconception that landmark SNAFUs of historical import are a relatively new deal may be, and quite provably are, seriously flawed conceptions. Incompetent radar techs interpreting high seas as an enemy attack in the Gulf of Tonkin were exploited by the warmongers in DC to transform the southeast Asian advisory expedition into a full-blown war. Long before Iraq WMD, Syria Internal gassing and the “Nothing But Blue Skies 4 Afghanistan” lies were exposed to an abhorring if not snoring public. Who sez it ain’t so, then…as it ever was thus?

Remember the Maine? Look it up! William Randolph Hearst needed a Pulitzer beating causus beli to sway public opinion and furnish US his war.

Revelation of the method: Movie magic comes to the aid of Bill Clinton and the Kosovo delusion, conflating an illegal bombing campaign that killed thousands with a madcap, light-hearted cinematic romp.

They show us what they’re doing by having a LARP, and then tell us to dummy up, sit down and mind our own. Connect dots at your own peril. It’s the schizo split and opposite pointing fingers that drives US bananas. The chasm between what they say and what you do. “If you see something say something” they tell us, but be prepared to lose your job and reputation once you’re smeared a racist, xenophobic bigot by he villains of the mainstream press and their million-zombie army of NPCs.

The problem for THEM is that pattern recognition is hardwired into our DNA since we were out on the steppe walking down mastadons and running from saber tooth tigers. It ain’t going away. But then again, these days, so many have learned to quiet the still small voice of misgiving by taking the soma, leaving the rest of us feeling like we just ingested 50 eggs. The trick is to take the metaphor as truth instead of trying to LARP the deception because being too literal can literally kill you.

Exaggerating to clarify: Oh ye of little faith … accept no limits!