Dead horse beaten to jelly-oy vey!

Who cares who said it, whether it was some so-called Satan-sanctioned white supremacist or the respected social satirist of the left bank Voltaire. In a nutshell because I’m paraphrasing:

If you want to know who rules you, simply find who you cannot criticize.

Regardless of who said it, it has the ring of truth. And you all know where I’m going (again) cuz it can’t be said enough. Anti-Semitism is a damn misnomer that applies to arabs as well as it applies to jews. It’s got to be a willful obfuscation by whomever the hidden hand behind the scenes is pulling the strings ie the person/people/demonic entity that rules you.

An example of disinformation and how it can just gum up the gears of honest inquiry. It’s impossible to go online and google the quote to find out if Voltaire said it or Alfred Strom the purported Nazi cuz the click-throughs will consistently say Voltaire said it, then the one under it will say it’s been debunked, that this Strom character said it and so on down the line. There is no consensus digitally anymore, if there ever was, some kerfuffle about it in 2012 was the catalyst for the originator of the quote’s identity to be rendered, for certain, digitally impossible. But I’m saying it doesn’t even matter who said it cuz it’s true. And I’m not talking about those who wield power over you like the government, the police our your boss, but the ultimate FINAL BOSS like all those gamers spend 20 hours straight with their catheters and 5 gallon buckets of Mountain Dew trying to figure out, subdue and destroy. The Monster Man behind the curtain.

But then, again doubling back to beat the band as always, the term Anti-Semite is, to coin a Womans Studies pop term, problematic!!!!! Sam Kinison problematic yo, “Oh! Ohh! Ohhhhhh!” Why the misdirection? Is it anti-semitic to say the term should be anti-Jewish to avoid the obvious areas of non-Jewishness in the word Semite? Do you see how this is torturing our brains and turning them to mush? It’s willful mindfucking. Yes! It’s mind rape. Living in the twisted anti-lingual world is hard enough without having so many false narratives created for one willfully nonsensical and ill-defined term.

Dig it.

The etymology of “Semite” includes within its spectrum “Jews, Arabs, Assyrians and Aramaeans” but the same “Online Website of Etymology” admits, when you type in the word, antisemitic: Not etymologically restricted to anti-Jewish theories, actions, or policies, but almost always used in this sense. 

So who the fuck had the power to co-opt the original meaning of Semite for its negative iteration and make it stick? When did it happen? And why doesn’t anyone see how it leads to so much goddamn confusion? If you’ll note, the Website of Etymology itself uses the proper term, the term that should be used to describe theories, actions and/or policies adverse to Jews … anti-Jewish! Now was that so hard? Why the fuck is anti-Jewish hiding behind the blanket term anti-Semitic? Hmmmmm?

It makes me wonder if the Jews are so afraid to be called Jews that they need to come in under the cover of a word that they are only one-fourth the ingredient of it classification? It only stands to reason. Oh yes, now that makes me a white supremacist anti-semite 100 percent. I do not even get the courtesy of being a Caucasian supremacist anti-Jew, no sir, I’m just white, and a nationalist evil doer. Boo! Ima color is all, disconnected from any race or ethnicity cuz that’s how the insidious game of identity politics is played.

Nope. White Nationalist am I as soon as I admit I am conservative cuz the one naturally follows into the other as long as you are white. It’s just the way it goes. And I could give a good goddamn anymore because the game is over. I don’t fucking play by your one-way rules.

Fuck identity politics and its pushers: Soros the money manipulator in the global temple, the multinational corporate behemoths who decide what is and WHAT IS NOT news and the puppet politicians who dance to the New World Order tune.

Until We the People stand up again and realize all the ammunition they fire at us on a daily basis is gossamer illusion and believe it, the bullets that could kill before you knew they were ephemeral as steam automatically disappear. Fuck the ADL and CAIR, cuz Ima equal opportunity and etymologically-corrrect antisemite.

When Trump signs an executive order that makes anti-Semitism punishable by law it’s a violation of the 1st Amendment. Also it’s unclear because anti-Semitism as a word doesn’t make sense because its definition doesn’t jibe with the etymological definition of Semite in the first place! As I’ve tried to explain in this painful roundabout screed against the willful manipulation and misdirection of the language these latter days for the purpose of forcible mind rape. It’s the same deal with the hyphenated America (African-American; hispanic-American etc ad infinitum) that on the lingual level divides by structure so it is implanted in our brain and naturally it follows we divide ourselves IRL. It’s social engineering at the most basic level. Language is what interprets and creates thought. Or is it the other way around? Anyhow. You get the drift? Do you understand now by what I mean when I use the term anti-lingual? The powers that be have infiltrated our brains at the most radical level in order to deflect and distract our collective detective lens from what’s going on behind the chaos they manufacture. Get real! Come together as one nation under God and be free again!

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  1. In my view identity politics was mostly conjured up to get us fighting with each other rather than directing our anger towards the corporate oligarchy that has their boot on our necks. Obama (who has a long history of CIA links) is usually credited as the father of identity politics, but clearly the ease with which the CIA controls our media is extremely important in inculcating the US population with identity-related propaganda. You just need to look at the way the MSM has run (for nearly 4 years now) with the whole Russiagate hoax to see they are totally controlled by the CIA. Not a single dissenting voice among them.


    1. I’m hopeful that enough people are waking up to the fact that the MSM is not credible. Off the top of my head there are still some independent journalists alive and kicking out there in, what for them, is a merciless wasteland. Tommy Robinson, Glenn Greenwald, Caitlan Johnstone, Sharyl Atkinson, Project Veritas and the greatest of them all Julian Assange.

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