Unpacking Packer’s piece of desiccated poopy, which is really just an example of a rat jumping off of the foundering, and soon to be sunk USS Legacy Media

Calls out writers & journalists for selling out the People in favor of the fawning, virtue signalling bukkake of their peers, then alludes it’s shameful for Trump to call the Press ‘The Enemy of the People?’ Wonders why he and his elitist colleagues are so universally hated…by the People.

As the rubble of he and his profession’s credibility crumbles to dust around him, George Packer’s recent essay seems a cynical attempt to prolong the agony of a dying institution. Presented as a sincere admission of his industry’s failings, the stunning and brave disclosure that elitists of any stripe have long preferred huffing each other’s farts to working for the People is no revelation whatsoever. Anyone paying attention the past decades knows the media-government Establishment has been working overtime to manipulate and steer the narrative in one particularly Marxist New World Order way.

The cooperation and collusion between themselves and their political fellow travelers has been well documented, most notably recently in the DNC and Podesta emails dropped by Wikileaks just before the presidential election of 2016 which revealed the nexus between Hillary Clinton and the New York Times’ hack duo of Habermann and Thrush, NBC’s Man in Havana Chuck Todd and a bevy of other journalists-in-name-only who were the lapdogs of their multi-national corporate masters as they hid behind the misnomer of the Nation’s watchdog. Happy to play the Face who is secretly the Heel, the ladies and gentlemen of the press have long been known by the non-brainwashed masses to be the Enemy of the People. President Trump only said what We all feel but were too afraid to say, beaten down and bullied by the constant drum beat of politically correct culture and its mindless hordes of online outrage mobs ready to rip anybody who steps out of line’s reputation and livelihood limb from limb.

Packer’s essay THE ENEMIES OF WRITING directly names the symptoms of the disease then shows that he is, apparently unwittingly, a part of the pathology against which he’s railing:  

I assigned them to read writers who demonstrated the power of inner conflict and moral weakness—Baldwin, Orwell, Naipaul, Didion. I told my students that good writing never comes from the display of virtue. 

G. Packer on a recent class of his journalism students, from the essay THE ENEMIES OF WRITING

The list’s requisite balance of women and POC to the solitary white male Orwell, itself a classic virtue signal, is in direct conflict with the author’s very next sentence … GOOD WRITING NEVER COMES FROM A DISPLAY OF VIRTUE! Aside from this being the perfect definition of the axiom Physician, heal thyself, it seems as if Packer’s seemingly unintentional contradiction is because he just can’t help it, that he’s been virtue signalling for so long that it has become as involuntary to him as breathing.

More interestingly still, a simple Google search of Packer’s list begs the question whether it was ever actually his, or if he cherry picked Joan Didion’s? What are the odds that each author on Packer’s list are also on Joan Didion’s ubiquitously Google-friendly one? How shocking is it to suggest that a respected member of the literati would resort to such an easily-detected ploy in order to fulfill a deadline and at the same time receive the adoration of his millions of dedicated Twits? Or conspicuously leave off the author on the top of the list of Joan Didion? One big old problematic Ernest Hemingway, the unrepentant womanizer, man’s man and literary titan, whose impact on the history of writing is nearly unparalleled, but whose inclusion on a list meant to delight the diversity-obsessed pack of woke activists, err, writers, that make up GP’s posse, would unanimously disapprove of. To suggest such a one as George Packer could resort to such lazy, dishonest reporting is really beyond the pale. The sameness of the authors on Mr. Packer’s list (as well as the one who is NOT on it) and those on Joan Didion’s are purely coincidental; and I’m moderately confident he is intimately familiar with the writings of each one.

How happy is the blameless scrivener’s lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal Circle Jerk of the Trump-Deranged mind!

Oh God please tell me how the following paragraph is not just one big virtue signalling blow job to his Trump-deranged fans?

My students have come of age during a decade when public discourse means taking a position and sticking with it. The most influential writers are those who create a dazzling moral clarity. Its light is meant to overpower subjects, not illuminate them. The glare is so strong that readers stop seeing the little flaws and contradictions of actual life, and stop wanting to—they have only to bask in the warmth of a blinding glow. The attraction of moral clarity is obvious, never more so than in the Trump years, when everything of value—honesty, kindness, tolerance, loyalty, courage—is daily trashed by the most powerful people in America. The Trump presidency is tremendously clarifying, and the duty of a citizen is also clear—to uphold those values in every way possible.


The first half of the paragraph is nonsense, sound and convoluted fury amounting to nothing close to clarity, moral or otherwise. Then, the latter half a shameless pander to the unfounded fears of the woefully misinformed who believe Donald Trump is the literal reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, thanks in large part to the hyperbolic conformity that is Packer and his ilk’s daily glut of slanderous reporting. A president that, despite the constant slings and arrows daily fired his way, has shown by his works (the First Step Act; 50-year record low unemployment of Hispanic and black Americans not to mention all Americans!; resisting the Neo-conlibs false flag-fueled invitations to more Endless Middle Eastern War; the audacity to say Nope to Globalism and actually back up with concrete action the campaign slogan America First) more kindness, tolerance, loyalty and courage than the virtue signalling, approval-seeking words that trip so easily and emptily from the rotten forked tongues of his most virulent detractors.

Bravo, bravo to you Mr. Packer. Your standing in a crowded field of millions of other Trump-hating morons insisting that it’s you, not him, who often has to stand alone with steadfast determination and consummate grace under pressure is, indeed, tremendously clarifying. In fact your essay has made it painfully clear that you and the other self-styled elites of our society have so codified their monolithic hate of the President that they have lost touch with any semblance of truth or reason, mistaking their cloistered monomania as an immutable law of Nature, like gravity, instead of the stuck-on-stupid feedback loop at play in the provincial matrices of their pathetic, self-important and ultimately insignificant minds.