Is J-Lo painting a target for all her fan’s heat-seeking crotch rockets or just simulating the act of shitting on men?

Is it just me or did the majority of superbowl ads share the same common theme? All the hype and the attending integument that connected the testosterone-fueled game played on the field definitely appeared to be pumping up women by belittling men. A pity the ultimate destination of identity politic’s divide-and-conquer strategy is to separate the very biological imperative that’s the reason we exist as men and women. But then again all this was brought to you by the same social engineering forces that have convinced you that CO2 is a poison in spite of the scientific fact it’s what plants breathe. So they can, in turn, exhale oxygen which is what humans breathe. Then, we exhale, get this, CO2! Do you see the pattern? It goes on and on in this wonderful circle of life which was once taught as elementary biology (aka photosynthesis) but is now discredited and anathema, somehow relegated to the category of ‘forbidden knowledge.’

One day of Drudge Report headlines encapsulates the hell-on-earth Globalist agenda. Christ you know it ain’t easy. THINK!
EXTREME LARPicism What kind of childhood trauma caused this poor bastard to go nuts and victimize himself?

A man in Brazil has modified his features to become the human satan. Poor sick bastard, sez I. Then, I think to myself, but why is it news? Ripped from the pages of the failing legacy media rag the UK-based US SUN, its a classic bit of clickbait garbage meant to give a gasping online presence one more shot of adrenaline before dying. Aggregated along with several other titillating stories of no consequence to occupy and poison our minds, it’s a kindergarten-level-of-difficulty connect-the-dots puzzle and merry dance we’re being led by the globalist media-government complex that is desperately trying to consolidate its monopoly rule by maintaining its monolithic control of the means of production of all media and its attendant dissemination or withholding of information.

Pestilence, what could be more appropriate these latter daze than a biblical swarm of locusts?

Based upon the recent accumulation of harbingers, the apocalypse cannot be far behind. Can it? Christ no wonder someone changed themselves into satan; he was just trying to stay abreast of the game. With the recent unsealing of several plagues, the 11-year guarantee of CLIMATE CHANGE ANNIHILATION seems, in comparison, an infinite expanse of time. Everything’s coming to a head all at once. The center cannot hold!

Carona virus outbreak in China. Soon-to-be world pandemic? Hurry up! Panic!

Mass hysteria everywhere and never time to think. Reds under the bed redux.; the aforementioned nonsense that posits CO2 as poison; infinite genders…too much will never be enough!


Tune out, turn off and disengage from the phantasmagoria of the matrix. Breathe. Look inward and exhale. CO2 is a vital ingredient of life, though they’ve made it into a metaphor of death and misidentified it as science. The truth is that the world is indifferent as the mountain that’s stood crumbling for 10,000 years as generations have survived, suffered and thrived by turns in its monolithic shadow. It’s not the world that is willfully distracting you with chaos and ultimately wishes you dead, it’s the globalist collaborationist monster that disguised itself as your pop culture.