Algebra of Deep State Corruption

Extreme measures have been instituted to try to keep Joe Biden from licking himself.

The failed Biden campaign is another fracturing of the Deep State-Globalist’s equation designed to depose a sitting president. By dint of the law of unintended consequences as well as systemic hubris, this formulation has, like the mythical Uroboros, twisted itself into a circle and begun to eat itself.

I’m more a 2+2 = 5 kinda guy, but it occurs to even someone as simple as me that there’s some hidden variable working against the best laid plans of those not very nice men in the DNC (a subsidiary of the multinational Globalist Hydra)

As is the case with most, I reach for that which is well out of my ability to grasp. Working from a set of inferences, drawn by witnessing certain events framed in a finite spectrum of time, it is easy and even incumbent upon me to verge into the territory most Talking Heads (doubling down on their own particular maths on the state-sanctioned alphabet channels and the anachronistic cable networks) would call Conspiracy Theory, a term NOT coined by the CIA to discredit those with the temerity to question the official story of the JFK assassination documented in the Warren Report, but that has, in actuality, been present in printed US news stories as far back as the mid 1800s. CIA notwithstanding, according to my research, Conspiracy Theor(ist)y has always been used as a term of derision.

Happily avoiding the derisive term then by documentary evidence of Deep State thwarting of DJT’s campaign and then his presidency (see Steele Dossier, Spygate, Mueller Russia Investigation, Ukraine Phone Call-predicated Impeachment) is a well-documented labyrinth of globalist partisan collusion with connected variables and parenthetical coefficients that would fill up one of those lecture hall-sized blackboards the professor needs a 15-foot ladder to fully reach.

And so, with an erasable marker and the forced simplification multiplier of a personal white board in hand, plotting space-time at the current point that is Trump’s July Ukraine Phone Call as x,–with impch45 as the constant, we can solve for the variable of corruption (C) by working backward from the present.


Taking C as not just a variable but also a constant, it’s easy to deduce the impetus for the Biden Campaign is not to win the presidency, but to give the Deep State an excuse to impch45. Without the Biden campaign there is a zero sum charge of foreign intervention against a direct political opponent in the 2020 Presidential Election. Thus, Creepy Joe had to get up and go, go, go so the cavalcade of Cloward&Piven-like disruptive overloading of the term of the unexpected Presidency of Donald John Trump could continue unabated. How else to explain a candidate touted as the front runner (by the fixers in the polling firms) who can’t speak a coherent sentence and is most likely demented. His high level of ambivalence toward his own voters is also indicative of someone who was thrust into a role they’d aged out of sometime in the last millennium. Cringe-worthy maunderings of loving it when children at the pool where he was lifeguarding would stroke his hairy legs and sit on his speedo-clad lap collide with his curious promise to serve only one term and calling his voters fat to their faces, challenging them to a pushups contest or a dog-faced pony soldier. Clearly, something is askew and the reduced candidate’s aim is not true.

Treated by the MSM as an imaginary operation, Hunter Biden’s patronage position at Burisma and the video of his father Quid Pro Joe bragging about withholding a billion dollars of international aid if Ukraine didn’t fire the state prosecutor looking into his son’s company, Burisma is the mirror image of what they impeached the President for.

Interestingly, the equation holds if the value x is changed to any of the Ukraine Phone Call’s antecedents ie x=Mueller Russia Investigation; x=Carter Page FISA (spygate/FISAgate); x=Steele Dossier, and the constant impch45 remains the same. All these fabricated scandals were predicated on nothing other than malfeasance (Kevin Clinesmith’s 17 ‘mistakes’ on the warrants to continue the illegal Carter Page surveillance) or absolutely nothing (The Steele Dossier has now been fully discredited by the release of the notes taken during the interview of Steele’s primary sub-source:

These overlapping scandals bloomed from one another with the exponential homogeneity of a Mandelbrot set, their repetition of zero mass given weight by the fuzzy math of MSM(DNC) prevarication. Based upon the value x’s original Steele Dossier iteration, upon which all such later values x rely (ignoring the inclusion of the imaginary numbers made up by those who believed they had the agency to create something out of nothing) the x in the equation corresponds to the zero axis, and nothing by nothing squared is the foundation upon which all the subsequent scandals were built upon.