WTF did the Neo-NatSocs expect?

The Democrat Party’s diverging toward national socialism, poo-poo’d for decades now by the high booga boogas of the mainstream press, even as these sell-outs’ daily spewage of Marxist propaganda facilitated the spread of the contagion, inevitably ripped Overton’s Window from its frame and shoved it, glass and all, directly up Carl Marx’s hemorrhoidal ass. Unfortunately, the filthy bastard didn’t drink the gallon of laxative water or partake in the 24 hour fast.


Making mock of their detractors who told them they shouldn’t, they exhumed the rotten corpse of communism’s little buddy, and feted it with sobriquets and diaphanous bon mots, redistributing the miasmagoric claptrap of their hellish good intentions far and wide. Now that the zombies they created are hankering to devour their makers’ pound of flesh, it is nearly too much schadenfreude for one of those aforementioned detractors to stand…almost

Predicate your platform on micro constituencies of chopped-up, hyphenated interest groups held together with empty sloganeering amounting to, at best, nothing and, at worst, the opposite of what they were meant to convey like: HOPE AND CHANGE! and DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! respectively, but then turn around and cry a river when the logical end of what you started with eight years of an Obama administration you deified, that spelled it out from the beginning, claiming itself the starting blocs of the Fundamental Transformation of America, to balk at it now when it has kicked in the front door and is fixing to barge in? To claim now, too late, you didn’t know it was going to be so completely fundamental? No, no, no. How about another Joke, Murray?

The good news is the next American Civil War will not be American, but will be between the once-viable now-undead democrat party and the hybrid nat-soc-fascist abomination it engendered. With any luck, this secondary mutation will burn through the primary source of the disease and cancel out the infestation before it becomes an epidemic that spreads its chaos and destruction to the nation and the world.

Let us pray.