So China is blames US for what they are guilty of. Hmmm. Sounds awful familiar. Could it be … let me see … who could it be … let’s see… could it be????

Whoda thunk it? The mocking mocker was right all along!

OK, boomer. Satan … Lucifer…Saul Alinsky. At this point, what difference does it make?!

The demons are running the asylum known as the pit of vipers on the Potomac. And it’s my assertion that the LONG MARCH to takeover the institutions from within has been so successful that, indeed, the Luciferians are now, effectively, the Establishment. Blood drinkers (literal?and/or sure as hell figurative) and pathological manipulators writhing in the orgiastic slime they’ve perpetuated in academia, the MSM and, of course, DC. Can you come up with portraits any more infernal than the dour frown of John Brennan and the orc-like pit-dwelling imp James Clapper? They are archetypes of demonic aspects straight outta direct casting, these intel chiefs all in cahoots to bring it all down man since their high priestess Madame Secretary and her vast coterie of vile minions in high places couldn’t rig the general election of 2016.

Orc-like imps leading US straight to hell


It’s my sincere hope that so-called ‘normies’ are shrinking pockets of residual contamination just like their controllers in the MSM. That being said, the globo-corpo media-government complex still has a lot of rented headspace/influence with the masses as, with assembly line-like frequency, they manufacture outrage after failed outrage with single minded intent of, what to them, is the end justifying the means removal at any and all costs of the current anti-Establishment glitch in their global corporocratic one world government dream.


An unending corpus of lies:Russian Collusion predicated on a phony dossier compiled by a Trump-hating MI6 spy, bought by Madame Secretary as opposition research led to a fake independent investigation by a bumbling former intel chief who presided over the earlier WMD hoax that got us into endless wars in the ME, but I digress. The Mueller Investigation, staffed with rabid partisan Trump hating liars, err, lawyers (what’s the difference?) has to admit they got nothing and oops, sorry tax payers. No accountability at the top. Only more outrage. Ukraine Impeachment hoax next on the nonstop rotisserie of resistance. Predicated on the whistleblowing of one Eric CIAramella? Really? Ha ha. And military hero fat resistance plant Col. Vindman? Difference of policy opinion by deep state operatives equals high crimes and misdemeanors? Has there ever been more frivolous predication for the impeachment of a duly elected president? Now the New York Times apparatchik journalists-in-name-only siding with the Chinese Communist Party on the, what they say, is the ineptitude of the US response to the dread Corona virus when it was the CCP’s reticence to contain the outbreak before it became a pandemic (just cuz it was bad PR) that made it go pandemic in the first place? While conveniently forgetting they had fallen back on their xenophobe/racist name calling default position only a month earlier when Trump rightly halted flights from China? Now that it’s going full pandemic they turn around and blame US for what they’re guilty of? Wonder where they learned that from? Or maybe the demonazi party learned it from their communist brothers-in-arms more years ago than we care to recall? Yes I know that fascists hate communists but these birds may not be of a feather but somewhere in the ballpark will make strange bedfellows to align against any and all anti-Establishment leaders who still believe the best political unit of scale are competing nation states instead of a One World New World Order.

dedication? acknowledgement? Epigraph? At this point what difference does it make! Old Saul’s masterwork RULES FOR RADICALS is predicated upon the work of Lucifer, the Prince of Lies and the 1st radical known to man

I don’t think Saul Alinsky was the originator of the tactic, but was just passing it on, a link in a long line of transmission that started with the deceiver who was cast out of heaven. Who are the rebels and who is marching to the status quo in these confusing times? The Godless social engineers controlling the vertical and the horizontal on the screens of the mass communication devices used to monitor and control US and the world have ushered in an age of vox populi deception, an autoimmune disease of the soul. Subverting the universal religious gene we all carry, while denying its existence, they harness its natural inclination for faith in a power greater than ourselves toward the man-made State with a proselytizing fervor, all the while rejecting the existence of the inscrutable Divine. It’s a classic case of Luciferian Inversion that has infected the minds and perverted the spirits of more people than the latest viral ambuscade fired off against the Trump Administration and the obvious in-your-face rigging of a presidential election which was set up by all the outrageous lies that came before it so that nothing that follows can possibly be too outrageous to warrant some kind of accountability after the fact.

Beyond sympathy, and even empathy, the mainstream drum beat has become a downright advocacy for all things infernal. Puzzling you is the nature of their game.