The hell, you say?
2009: 61 million confirmed US cases of the H1N1 swine flu and 12,400 US deaths…life goes on.
2020: a couple thousand confirmed cases of Corona and 40 plus deaths (most of them from a nursing home in WA) and America loses its mind…

Sure, the pandemic is just beginning. It could get worse. It could burn itself out in a matter of weeks or months. If it is going to equal or surpass the transmission rate and death toll of H1N1 it is going to have to start whooping some serious ass. Ten years ago during the H1N1 pandemic I hardly even realized it was a thing. Schools, businesses: they all stayed open. But now? What’s different? Why the erring on the side of mass hysteria?

I can’t help but think part of the driving force behind the sudden race to see who can “shut it all down” the fastest now that the dominoes have begun to fall is the knee-jerk Orange Man bad stance held by 99 percent of the American journalists-in-name-only. It was only 6 or so weeks ago the Dorito Hitler’s Chinese Travel ban hit the nation’s newsrooms and the singular narrative crafted then was same as it ever was: “The ban is proof of the dictator’s racist inclination! How dare you, sir!” Now, his CDC head Dr. Fauci’s endorsement of the Chinese Travel Ban’s efficacy in slowing the pandemic notwithstanding, the bleating JINO’s are beating the drum that the dread Pirate Drumpf didn’t act soon enough?! But goddamn it, the fact these devout enemies of the people can get away with their dangerous double speak and hypocrisy is because we the People have the attention span of a goldfish (the equivalent of a 6-second vine) these latter days. Which puts our failure as an informed citizenry in bas relief to their blatant and careless two-facedness. Going along to get along. Forget Boston, Las Vegas, Paris and Socialism because seems like the closest thing to a hashtag that would encompass the largest swath of peoples in our nation is #we’reallusefulidiotsnow!

“Forget it, Jake…it’s Chinatown.” is, to me, one of the greatest hidden-in-plain-sight admissions of the hopelessness of the individual in the face of the dark powers arrayed in opposition to him, insinuated and real, but just on the fringes of most everyone’s peripheral vision. Fitting also that it directly ties in to the current black swan event pushing countries to shut down because of reasons yet to be determined.

Didn’t Bill Maher pray for a US recession to oust the evile Drumpflr? A case of be careful what you wish for, or a prayer answered? How many share this wish and in what high places? Do swamp creatures dream of reflexive sheep? What’s the ratio of good clean entertainment to predictive programming in the current Hollywood movie equation seeing as how they’ve been exposing us to their sickness now for years?

As sure as we are brainwashed by the media we consume, Agent Mulder’s most quotable quote, “The truth is out there” isn’t just an empty expression. It’s an example of the world controller’s mandate to tell you exactly what they are doing in an artful kinda not-quite-direct “hidden in plain sight” kinda way. Like the back cover copy on David Rockefeller’s Memoirs beginning his confession with the conspiratorial-sounding caveat “Even some believe we are part of a secret cabal” as he goes on with the admission that that is exactly what they are, going as far to proudly plead guilty to the charge! Indeed, the truth is out there…at play in all the unseen shadowy nooks and crannies of the masses’ quotidian existence. But don’t you dare connect any dots or deviate from the party line, slave! AKA Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.