Die Corona meets My Sharona during business as usual on the Florida beach

W.H.O.’s your daddy? Coeds play chicken on the beach, testing the dire warnings of the WHO and the CDC..
‘confirmed case’ apples to ‘estimated case’ oranges being used to grind the world economy to a halt.

It’s the ultimate test case for anyone who’s paying attention. Laissez faire versus burning hair and set the world on fire. If in two weeks time those darn kids aren’t laid up in the hospital on ventilators being pumped full of anti-inflammatory drugs and Vitamin C then you know we’ve all been had.

Full disclosure: I’m already assuming we’ve all been had.

I could go on and rant about H1N1 10 years ago and how nothing was shut down. If you aren’t pissed that they’re running another numbers game on us, dazzling us with bullshit, then you deserve to get fleeced. It’s not just me who smells a rat in the manufactured doomsday. Yes. The truth is out there, and the kids are all right.

Come a little closer, huh, ah, will ya, huh
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona
Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind
My, my, my, ay, ay, woah!