For all you mystified and bemused by the fear mongers in the Press holding up northern Italy as a harbinger of the doom we face unless we suspend all civil liberties and shelter in place, let me throw out some stats from the Italian Health Institute. Average age of death by Corona virus in Italy–80.

Ninety percent of Corona deaths are in people over 70 and three fourths of them are male and they had an average of 2.7 pre-existing conditions, which means stuff like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema etc. These are not healthy people to begin with! Don’t believe me, here’s the link. https://www.thelocal.it/20200311/coronavirus-what-do-we-know-about-the-victims-in-italy

I’d lay blame at the feet of some millennial militant feminist LGBTQ+ biochemist whose dearest dream was to kill off all the boomer men if I was playing the game of who benefits most from this scam. But, hey, that’s just crazy.

Crazy … like the Florence mayor who suggested his citizens “Hug a Chinese” to prove they’re not racist. Which, in retrospect, worked because now many of these huggers are dead (but at least they weren’t racist!).

Documentary proof of globalist cult’s mental disorder. Why the fuck is he bothering with a mask?

So let’s not hold up northern Italy as proof of anything but negligent government policies and a brainwashed and brain dead citizenry making a bad situation worse.

Another flu that preys on the old and unhealthy among us. Is it so terrible to say (in this age of hair trigger effrontery I guess I’ve answered my own question! Yes, it’s a fucking terrible thing to say and I may actually kill someone by saying it because they’ll be so goddamned offended they will have no other choice but to take their own lives!) “That’s life!”

Can we just get real here and connect some dots?

Kids are playing chicken on Florida beaches. People are crowding together in supermarkets fist fighting over toilet paper and bottled water and 3 million democrat zombies are voting in primaries. At the same time the public is being told to suspend their civil liberties to shelter in place because “It’s a pandemic!” …. “People are going to die!” … “Flatten the curve or the medical community will be overwhelmed!”

What you’ve got there is some serious incongruities that lead to panic in the normies even though they’re probably also going “Hmmmmm?” down deep inside simply because they’re human and they, too, have the pattern recognition capabilities that have been handed down since they were sheltering in caves. That gut instinct that allowed them to evolve and to survive when death was waiting around the corner or down by the watering hole every single day. And, like I just said there buried in my overly complex beyond 7th-grade reading level sentence, a few dot connectors who’ve unplugged from the matrix will go “Hmm,” something does not add up here.

Branded by the traitors in the media with the tired old xenophobe racist label after enacting his early Chinese travel ban February 1st, it’s clear President Trump wasn’t asleep at the wheel. Yet, also, by his early “Don’t panic.” It’s just another type of the flu comments, we can surmise that his first instinct wasn’t to shut it all down. Thanks to the 24/7 cable channels coverage of the Corona Virus Armageddon and the obvious panic it was engendering in the population, as seen in the tanking stock market and the free-for-alls in the supermarket aisles, it became a political necessity for him to change tactics.

And so he did…so drastically that now he’s out-lefting the Left to the tune of failed Presidential candidate communist Andrew Yang’s gimmick of Universal Basic Income, albeit a one time installment of said. And delegating extrajudicial powers to states, many of which are run by governors who have agreed with the played out propaganda that Trump is ‘literally Hitler’ who, ironically, when given this extra power have themselves started to enact draconian measures upending civil liberties like literal Hitlers. Joe Scarborough, Dana Bash and least of all Ilhan Omar are NOT the people you want praising your actions (which apparently from the reports has happened in the past few days), are they? How many people are going to starve or commit suicide in a government-mandated economic depression? Of course, the economy was built on smoke and mirrors of an insurmountable mountain of national debt in the first place and was destined to crash some time, but, I suppose, that is beside the point.

Three people who are obviously only worried about ratings and money and personal gain praising him now? Three people who have wished him ill with a personal animus that drips from the screen. An MSM whose coverage of Trump has been 95 percent negative, automatically putting it in the category of propaganda because even Hitler wasn’t “literally Hitler.”


All three members of the MSM and Political establishment nexus that has gone along with all the debunked hoaxes starting almost from before the night Turmp was elected: Russian collusion predicated upon the lurid piss dossier cooked up by rabid MI6 Trump hating spy Christopher Steele –>waste of time Mueller Probe–>hearsay and ambassador’s hurt feelings predicated Ukraine call impeachment–>more Russia … after wall-to-wall MSM-driven fake scandals it has been painfully clear throughout the man’s entire presidency that they would stop at nothing and use anything to try and get this anti-swamp President who was never supposed to have been able to actually win the election that had already been bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. But with each of their conveyor belt of coup attempts they’ve been stymied. Then, along comes a virus. A real disease. Why is it so controversial, so craaaaaaaazy to think, suggest, hypothesize that this same government-media swamp wouldn’t take this novel new virus as a wonderful gift which they could leverage the hell out of to finally, finally get their wish and get rid of Trump? Was Bill Maher the only pundit who wished for a US recession to get rid of Trump? I think that fat ass piece of shit Michael Moore also voiced such sentiments. These so-called thought leaders of the Democrat party are sure to have had millions of like minds hearing and agreeing with their ultimately self-harming prayers.

Judging by their past actions to get rid of Trump at any cost, I propose it only stands to reason that this Corona Virus pandemic was a prayer answered in their darkest hour and they took it and ran with it and twisted it to their own devices, not knowing that the President would out flank them by going full Andrew Yang.

So. Is it good that President Trump foiled them again by becoming what conservatives would have in any other situation called bullshit on and vociferously rejected, and got his bitter enemies to lavish praise on him for doing what they didn’t have the political power to do? Time will tell…

Now that the precedent of shutting down the world and crashing its economy has been set in the face of a pandemic of a mostly benign mild variant of flu, what happens when some disease exponentially more virulent comes down the pike? Will the masses accept the macro isolation and economic shutdown again or be inoculated to it like the townspeople in the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Will the level of media scare mongering or lack thereof depend on whether they like the current occupant of the White House or detest him as they detest Trump (as their track record of 95 percent negative propaganda “literally Hitler” coverage over the past 4 years proves)? Either way, the media-government complex has insured that the percentage for a bad outcome next time will be extremely high, regardless of the strength of the virus. In essence, they have primed the pump for a Lose-Lose future disaster.

If there was any doubt before, the mass hysteria-inducing conduct of the MSM during this crisis has cemented their legacy as the Enemies of the People, and in the aftermath of their shock-and-awe tactics this mostly benign virus may be (my best case scenario hail mary prayer) the pandemic that exposes their mass duplicity and finally wipes them all out.