Knee jerk, knee jerk everywhere and not a lot who THINK!

So the senate votes down the Oprah Plan. “You get a $1,200 check! You get a $1,200 check! *Everyone gets a $1.200 check!”

*Everyone meaning a hundred million US taxpayers or so. The math gets fuzzy quick so sue me. So anyhow.

Forty nine up and 46 down in the staid environs of the tea-cooling well of the Senate when the vote for passage needed sixty. You (the Oprah-fication of *Everyone) shall not pass! Score one for the conservatives!


Or so one would think in a World that had not been turned into Clown. Even before the Great Corona Virus Shutdown of 2020 the state of national politics had been turning upside down. Like a too fast whirling Wheel of Fortune for anyone watching to know what’s up and what’s down and pinpoint the time or the hour its scheduled to stop spinning.

What we have here is failure to communicate. And the funny part is, the failure is within ourselves. We’ve become so polarized by our bicameral ideology (boiled down to Globalist vs Nationalist in its purest distillation) that basic principles have gone out the window and passed the point of no return to get their atoms smashed and deconstructed into some kind of unrecognizable abomination once they come out the other side.

the latest singularity: Trump out lefts the Left

(Really. I cannot for the life of me figure it. Is he Chance the Gardener or the political equivalent of chess great Bobby Fischer?)

see the Oprah analogy above. This capitulation on the part of the President to the other side of the aisle’s oft-stated goal of giving power directly to the People, in this case in the form of free money, would seem to be playing right into the Democrat’s hands. In a sane world that would, indeed, be true.

However… we are not living in a sane world.

Oh how the so-called conservatives howled when the final vote was taken today and the great free money giveaway of 2020 fell at the hands of the Democrats. Forget the pork that is the stated reason for the Dem down vote…that’s not the point! Trump just went so far left Nancy Pelosi was preemptively spinning in her grave and came back from her near-future dirt nap a stumbling, bumbling walking contradiction who didn’t know whether to fish or cut bait. The perception is the thing that matters. The point being the Dems, for all intents and purposes, became the fiscally responsible party today and saved us from our greedy, reactionary selves.

Who in their right minds, not that anyone at this moment is, at all, in their minds as much as they’re out of them, though that, too, is beside the point. Who in their right minds thinks spending 2 cotton pickin’ trillion dollars so every family in the country can hang on another few weeks through this government-imposed and largely MSM-created Great Depression-starter of an economic shutdown predicated on a novel virus about as virulent as the seasonal flu is the proper thing to do?

Yeah. Yeah. We’ll jumpstart the economy by dumping an instant injection of two trillion onto a wasted junkie of an economy that’s already overdosed on a Tony Montana-sized mountain of debt, thereby hyperinflating the already fragile US dollar and accelerating the inevitable hyper inflation that is our fate if we don’t get our fiscal house in order. Yeah. Kick the can down the road some more fellas, except this time the can’s packed full of nitroglycerin!

Despite itself, (since the political parties and their decision-making faculties have been infiltrated by an auto-immune disease of the senses) has, in a flip floppy kinda way, worked as that cooling saucer spilled off from the cup of hot tea abstracted by one of those old southern senators years ago. If just for an instant, the system worked. Who knows what bloated corpse of fiscal madness these charlatans and liars will bring to the floor tomorrow.