SARS-CoV 2: Plandemic inversion of The Emperor’s New Clothes

Ben Swann doing real journalism allowing citizens to connect dots on the latest novel obfuscation.

REVIEW THE EVIDENCE: 2012 the law against US gov propagandizing its own citizens is lifted (see video above), 2016 that concept is given its own federal department ie taxpayer funding (see video above). 2016 Wikileaks dump of DNC and Podesta emails documents the collusion between MSM and all things DNC related, codifying the bias that most people, if they were honest with themselves, knew had been in force all along–Tet Offensive vs. Gulf of Tonkin.

REALITY VS. PERCEPTION: There is very little doubt that the virus is real. The disconnect comes at the point of calculating its overall virulence and morbidity rate. Depending on where you get your information SARS-CoV-2 is either the second coming of the bubonic plague or little more than a slightly stronger version of the seasonal flu. e are being propagandized by the very institutions that are supposed to report the facts and let us put together the pieces, not stoke the embers of our fear to ignite a full fledged conflagration of panic. It is instructive at this time to remember the aphorism that is a truism for the erstwhile journalistic profession, If it burns it earns. Fortunately, this latest hype job may be the one that finally drives a stake into their collective black heart. Unfortunately, we are paying for it with a nationwide, seemingly coordinated, loss of civil liberties that is showing our enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC, how easy it is to control the masses by jumping up and down like hysterical ninnies on the worst-case-scenario side of the scale.

There’s no argument, the virus is real. But what is it being used to accomplish is the real question. The nexus of the deep state, the multinational corporocratic MSM and various other elites and world leaders seem to be coordinating their efforts to make it out to be the killer that it is not. Currently standing at 1.5 deaths per 100 confirmed US cases, and if you include the unreported cases (those untested who don’t require hospitalization which my be 80 percent of the cases) then you’re talking a fraction of that already low number. As reported in this blog and various other outlets, the virus is understandably more serious for the old and infirm, with the percentage morbidity rates heavily weighted toward those over 70 and for those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and emphysema, which is, common sense would dictate, true of any virus endemic to the population. But these truths have not stopped politicians and pundits and the bloody World Health Organization from inflating those numbers to make it seem as if SARS-CoV-2 was a pestilence of biblical proportions galloping in to get the apocalypse started on its pale, white horse. The power of suggestion is in full force with this crisis, an opportunity the absolutely corrupt elites in high places will, to the best of their ability, not let to go to waste.

The Fake News of CNN | SUPERcuts! #390 - YouTube
There is no beginning and there is no end…

AN INVISIBLE ENEMY = A WIN-WIN FOR THE GLOBALIST ELITE: If their predictions of Armageddon don’t pan out they can resort to the ever popular political fall back position of erring on the side of caution ie alls well that ends well. Egged on by inflated mortality rates first blasted out by the panic-mongering WHO and repeated ad nauseum by their confederates in the MSM, the entire nation’s economy has been ground to halt by the hell that might come based on these apocalyptic projections but have not yet and might never be realized on the ground. Your freedom of movement has been threatened by state governors testing how far they can go curtailing your constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of assembly, though here in New Mexico the police have the good judgment not to enforce Michelle Lujan Grisham’s gross abuse of power. Former British PM Gordon Brown has floated the idea of temporarily putting together a one world government to deal with the current crisis, floating a trial balloon for what is the ultimate globalist end game (never let a good crisis go to waste).

Author of Ridiculous Imperial College Coronavirus Study Backtracks – Says UK can Now Expect Under 20,000 Deaths Not Half a Million and LESS THAN ANNUAL FLU!

Dare I suggest the current situation is a master stroke of psychological obfuscation and controlling by fear. If, after 3 years of government-media coordination to bring down a duly elected US president by any means necessary, you are willing to believe that these tailors of deceit are suddenly telling you the truth and not hyping this relatively benign crisis to try and finally make their dream of one world government come true, man have I got a bridge to sell you. After all of their hoaxes and dire warnings with nothing to back them up but bad fiction and “because we say so!” SARS-CoV-2 has given them something they don’t have to make up out of whole cloth, invisible and open to suggestion as the Emperor’s New Clothes.