For the following essay’s purposes, replace technological with pharmacological in reference to the electronic devices to which we’ve all willingly made ourselves slaves.

Forget the “OK Boomer.’ phrase meant to patronize and ridicule a whole generation, these latter daze it is more appropriately morphed to a self-referential lament indicative of what we’ve allowed ourselves to become!

“OK slave?!”

That your phone as a personal ankle bracelet being used to track your movements (invasion of privacy you have willfully accepted for convenience and status) is now being confirmed as states track their “citizens” movements to ensure they are complying with their patently unconstitutional stay at home orders. This consequence of our slavish idolatry of our phones has been apparent to me for years, and my constant warnings against the stupid “But I’m not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to fear” excuse when I tell them they are willfully wearing a tracking device is certainly coming home to roost.

My conclusion is the utility of having a miniature computer on your hip so you can have the Web at your fingertips is outstripped by the fact you’re tacitly agreeing to give away your right to privacy. Imagine if you will, an auditorium-sized grid filled with 200 million pinpricks of light of which one of them is your exact position pinpointed by a geosynchronous satellite thanks to your addiction to the government transponder in your breast pocket.

Your right to peaceably assemble has been squashed by this new invisible enemy. How convenient, yeah? The economy has been crushed, at least the small businesses that once served the now grinded-to-a-halt nation. Once it all comes back online in May, what will it be? One wal-mart to rule them all and the convenience of at-home shopping via Amazon as far as the eye can see. It’s too late to go back now, we’ve already chosen convenience and comfort over liberty.

Mao Zedong Quotes

Ok with that slave? I can’t say it sounds so bad to me because right now it’s not as oppressive as they want and will make it be … once they conclude that boiling the collective frog is so darn easy. No one wants to be the first to say the oppressor has no clothes because they’ll end up the loser at the smoking end of the barrel of a gun. Who wants to be a martyr these lassez faire days; becoming a martyr requires faith … in something / anything that you take strength in as something greater than yourself, which is a personal trait that, these days, is as nonexistent as the plague.