Good E-reading these daze of plague

Devastated by the consequences of his bad decisions, photographer Ted Severson must weather the visions tormenting him through his camera lens by suppressing his mental anguish through a regimen of discipline and pain in the form of accelerated marathon training.

Wracked by a guilty conscience and chronic “indigestion” Frank Severson adds murder to the long list of his social indiscretions; taking his knight-errant LARP to his neighbor’s damsel-in-distress to a most violent conclusion.

Wedged between Frank and Ted’s generations, Fritz Severson finds himself in San Francisco grinding an ax against the unrequited ghost of his father and, what appears to him, an ingrate for a son.

All owning their own unique burnt bridges, they converge and coalesce around the time of Loma Prieta and the 1990 San Francisco Marathon, interacting with each other, and the heart-breaking memories of their own particular love’s labour’s lost.