Ignore the Government/Media Siren Song & Art shall set you free

And yet I find, and yet I find, repeating in my head, if I can’t be my own, I’d feel better dead
Layne Staley’s modern paraphrase of Patrick Henry, in a Nutshell

There is more wisdom in the lyrics of a song written a quarter century ago by a troubled Seattle grunge rocker than in the political class’s autocratic diktats or their PR flacks in the mainstream media’s hysterical reportage of the covid 19 fearporn of the day.

As far as the talking heads and the politicos go, turn them off and tune them out if you care for your sanity and ability to think for yourself. All that they profess anymore is mocking bird propaganda to distract from reality. The pre-packaged, mass disseminated river of deceit has flowed into the see for much longer than my 52 years on the planet.

You will drive yourself insane if you try and make sense of current events watching the multi-national corporations that promote themselves as “news.” Their presentations have steadily devolved into partisan propaganda meant to create a docile population that is easily emotionalized by their sensationalist manipulation of the truth in favor of their partisan agenda. In tandem with their partners in crime in DC and their intel agency attack dogs, their collusion to create and promote the problem they are secretly hoping to solve for the good of the People is a well known tactic.

Attributed to Casey by Assistant to the Chief of Domestic Policy adviser (to the President), Barbara Honegger
  • Remember the Maine!
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The Gulf of Tonkin
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

These are but a sampling of the causus beli that have ushered us into endless wars that send our sons and daughters to die so the corporate giants and their politicians can gain more power, wealth and prestige. Two of them are known to have been false flag operations aided by disinformation and abetted by a compliant press corps (Maine, Tonkin) and one a downright fallacy (WMD) leaving Pearl Harbor as the only legitimate reason to go to war.

These incitements to engage in wars thousand of miles from home were gone into when the Commander-in-Chief was a member in good standing of the Deep State Globalist Club. Once a non-Club member (one who’d largely financed his own campaign) unexpectedly crashed the party all the K Street lobbyists found themselves with zero leverage for the legislative quid pro quo they’d all been so used to procuring from the beholden White House office holders over the previous decades. Thus, the incitement to war became internal, the entrenched bureaucracy more concerned with eradicating the parasite in their midst before they could continue their longstanding tradition of fomenting more foreign wars.

The Cabalists cried “Havoc” and let slip their rabid dogs of internecine war (the intel agencies and the mockingbird press) to fabricate and publish the predicate of their circular propaganda, a so-called dossier of kompromat on Donald Trump. A document compiled by a former British spy who sourced his material from, ironically, Russian disinformation that was bought by Hillary Clinton and the DNC as opposition research? And who exactly is colluding with foreign governments to meddle in an American election again? Could the playbook of Luciferian Inversion championed in Saul Alinsky’s seminal democrat playbook RULES FOR RADICALS be any more apparent?

Blame your enemy of that which you are guilty. Anyone who questioned the Russia Hoax was smeared a conspiracy theorist by the Club’s public relations wing, the MSM. Recently unclassified docs cite chapter and verse what was already known, the inciting document for the domestic spying ring formerly known as the FBI, was a false rag of secondhand hearsay and phony accusation. Then to give the investigation the ludicrous code name CROSSFIRE HURRICANE? These assholes truly believe they are rock stars (Peter Strzok on drums!) operating above the law to dole out their own unconsciously perverse interpretations of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Lisa Page: He’s not going to be President … right?

Pete Strzok: No! [the mild-mannered g-man rips off his shirt and tie, revealing the big red S on the blue T-shirt underneath] We’ll stop it!

Then that failed and they were on to the hearsay bullshit impeachment plot. Then along comes a real crisis you can bet your ass they were not going to waste. Bioweapon released from the Level 4 Lab in Wuhan by … whom? At this point it doesn’t matter. Enough time has passed that the characteristics of the contagion are well enough known that the draconian stay-at-home orders can be lifted and revert to the scientifically proven practice of quarantining the elderly and at-risk instead of the healthy. How coincidental the divide between open and closed states is falling along party lines! Are you noticing a pattern?

Hitler’s quote speaks to the truth of this current Plandemic, while FDR’s cherished nostrum has been shown to be a lie by the public’s lapping up and surrender to the fear heaped on them by the politicians and their confederates in the MSM.

“Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” –Adolf Hitler

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” –Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Which paradigm is America operating under these days? What paradigm has it always mostly been living under? Who among us truly have the courage of their convictions? Most of us have already given into fear long ago and now the rubber’s hit the road. But wasn’t quoting FDR’s “fear itself” bromide whenever you had a chance to virtue signal how brave you were for criticizing an abstract conception of a fear with no direct consequence in your life through Tweeting righteous indignation just the greatest feeling ever before the shit got real? At least .02 percent real for this current covert Covid psyop, which is apparently a chance the majority of brave citizens walking the streets of America today are not at all willing to take. And let me remind you, the titles change, but the song remains the same.

Create the Problem… Wait for the Public to demand a solution… then the aggieved politicos can act as though they’re gravely troubled by the drastic measures they must take to exact a solution by taking away more of the public’s liberty, when it was what the lying, stinking gutter rats had planned all along.

How we who are living through this mad season will document it for posterity depends on how we explain it to ourselves. Any thinking person trying to make sense of current events looking through the lens at the wild political, journalistic hellscape screaming from the screens of their devices invariably comes away more frustrated and confused than if they’d just awoken from a sleep of 100 years.

When the politicians and the press only feed you bullshit and obfuscation, art is a discipline to which you can turn to gain insight into the State’s internal workings, an alternative lens through which to see and understand what has been and is being done to us, a veritable chronicle of the death of reason and civil society foretold. Unlike the self-serving journalists and politicians, artists of every stripe have intuited the zeitgeist of their particular eras and transformed them into visions of what lies ahead, behind the curtain, hidden in plain sight.

Pablo Picasso got it right when he said, Art is a lie that tells the truth. And you can tack on the caveat, Everything else meant to aid in that pursuit has been a lie.

In part 2 of this series,I’ll go in to the specific fictions and movies that have been the proverbial writing on the wall.