In our psychopathic society this truth is self evident — The Lie Rises

Left to glean a factual context from the normal corporate MSM and official governmental channels, making sense of the current panic and the current Bane-like takeover of major cities throughout this land is like trying to learn the rudiments of astrophysics from a pre-schooler who hasn’t yet learned the alphabet or how to count to ten. All you will get is palaver and surface tension.

I recently watched a sad Youtube video of a catatonic schizophrenic who talked about his ambition to play the piano but the world around him, not liking the way he sat at the piano, was the problem and the reason why he was back in the Bug House. In the comments section of that video the subject’s niece (or nephew, I forget which) had written a long message about how her uncle never sat at or, let alone, learned to play a piano, among other sad insights into the man’s life. I make this rough analogy because it is as if we have handed the reins of government to people who speak about the “welfare” and “will of the People” exactly how this poor insane man talks about the piano. Neither the man nor our government leaders have any idea what they are talking about but in some devious way know that talking about it makes them appear noble and their ambition laudable; it justifies their inability to realize their ambition because of some outside arbitrary condition ie my father doesn’t like the way I sit at the piano or in the case of the elected officials, Orange Man Bad.

The catatonic schizo is only hurting himself. As to the psychopathic schizo’s in both houses of Congress, various State houses and the leadership of our intelligence agencies they are conspiring to take down the country.

I have never in my life felt so helpless. The Maoist Struggle Sessions have already begun. See the humiliation of Minneapolis Mayor Frey yesterday at a BLM rally he thought he could control. He, like the useful idiots of old will be among the first to be ‘discarded.’ The college-aged Red Guards are inside the gates and ready to be fully mobilized against us. Raised on a college curriculum of social justice and Marxist ideology, they have been created for this moment.

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Oh right. The events between when I started writing this and now have certainly put a crimp in the essay’s initial direction, which was to be about how the mask has become a symbol of our servitude and compliance, an inversion of Bane’s declaration in the THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, “Nobody knew who I was until I put on the mask.”

Instead of basking in the notoriety of Bane’s mask-induced infamy we have willfully dehumanized and humiliated ourselves by complying with unlawful orders to don masks even as the numbers from the 3-month Covid 19 epidemic clearly show now that the virulence of the disease is on par with seasonal flu, clocking in with a mortality rate percentage as of this moment of 0.2 and going down as the prevalence of asymptomatic cases rise, lowering the overall morbidity.

Insanity is not only doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but not adjusting your methods as results you once thought would be catastrophic have drastically changed for the better. The once medically-sanction method of herd immunity has given way to the new normal of the endless mass hysteria of the herd.