OPERATION MIND VIRUS. Why stop at the nose and mouth?

Flattening the curve seems the quaint anachronism of a bygone era now that skyrocketing US case totals are the MSM’s new partner to which they do the danse macabre. Back when the invocation of a ‘new normal’ was not quite yet a thing and the endemic nature of this shiny, new pandemic was still believed to somehow be avoidable if we all just, together, stayed in.

Two weeks became two months became indefinitely just short of forever and still the People comply.

I hate them all, the motherfucking People. In my dearest fantasies I see the inhuman Governor before me and I take its back and, wrapping my arms around its neck in the classic Ric Flair-type sleeper hold configuration, I slowly wrench off its head. A Governor who doesn’t seem to care that shuttering a state where you are more likely to die in a car crash than of the virus it is continuing to close down the state over is hurting more people than SARS-CoV-2 ever will. It really does seem the Governor’s intent is to drive its subjects into despair and quite a few of them insane; which is the logical conclusion to being powerless in the face of this miserable cunt’s indefinite and unconstitutional decrees.

Then there are the masked go-along-to-get-alongs that make up 95 percent of the population, with their muzzles they’ve willingly applied themselves … I help them become safer by wrapping their heads with enough duct tape to not only cover their airways, but their eyes and their ears as well, so they will BE SAFE from any airborne infiltration of this Dread Virus’s evil.

Because what is the sense of only speaking or breathing no evil?

The eyes are the windows to the soul and also conduits to the brain, and so too the ears!

The bells! The bells!

Despite Tweedle Birx and Tweedle Fauci’s recent allusions to the efficacy of goggles, can’t you fucking sheep see, before it’s too late, where these unlawful mandates are HEADED? I ask myself this question, but then it’s just easier to wrap up the whole head to help these People sooner acquire the hell toward which they all so compliantly have been going.

So you see the Mind Virus has really been very successful in dividing us more than we ever have been. It has taken hold in my heart and soul. It has made me distrust and hate not only the government overlords who have turned us into their mental slaves but anyone with whom I lock eyes with over the fetid fabric of their filthy, germ-infested masks.