A virus w/a 99.9% survival rate has been turned into an intricate mythology, a bugaboo used to justify destruction of personal wealth & financial well being on an unprecedented scale as it strikes irrational fear into the hearts of men.

With the agreeable aplomb of The Princess Bride’s dashing hero Westley’s ‘As you wish,’ the American people have bequeathed themselves subjects of their overseers’ perverse, bad faith governance. Westley had panache and balls, whereas the American People don’t have much going on down there at all.

Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Miso also one of them…aka The People.

The beautiful people. The beautiful people, it’s all relative to the size of your steeple. Can’t see the forest for the trees. da da dee. Doo doo do. And whatever the hell else there is…repeat refrain.

The People and the beautiful people are most self-evidently not the same. The tiny little stupid People worship the terrible stupid beautiful people and the beautiful people worship themselves whilst joking about adoring Satan. Those who deify themselves actually become as Satan. No difference. Pride came before the Fall.

The rubber stamped news stories remain the same. Opiates distracting from hiding-in-plain-sight Black Masses. Epstein killed himself? Ho hum. Onto the next outrage of the 24/7 cycle that keeps us in our cages.

Funny how We the People glorify our cinematic heroes’ abilities to persist with grace under pressure and, in the end, overcome impossible odds (wrapped up in the confines of 2 hr dramatic fictional teleplay). We are all hypocrites who rely on simulacrum to make us feel we are the best people we can be in this best of all possible worlds as we cower behind a dehumanizing and germ-infested mask that is to the virus as a chain link fence is to a grain of sand. Surely this impotent talisman will protect us from a malady that is nearly indistinguishable to most “sufferers” as a common cold!

The horror. The horror.

We wilt like cheap suits before the anointed experts’ and the herd mentality they engender. Critical thinking has been DOA for generations since subversives became the driving force behind the indoctrination centers known as government schools. The Long March through the institutions is almost complete and has been unbelievably successful. Our inheritance is the antithesis of the alchemist’s dream.

Our Pravda, after generations of steady progress, has turned the golden legacy of our fore-bearer’s legacy into shit. The pandemic has served the piece de resistance wherein an already divided population has now been conjured into believing their fellow human beings are disease infested zombies whose breath is now and will be forevermore a direct threat to their survival (whereas before the plandemic was put in force, it only contributed to an amorphous cloud of climate changing greenhouse gas that didn’t have the immediate impact of the world-altering asteroid that is in the process through the vehicle of the Dread Virus Roberts, brought to you by a dark consortium of atavistic producers under the umbrella of Covid-19).

Wheels within wheels.

When in modern history has their ever been a more appropriate time to storm the Bastille?