Cases, Cases! We All Fall Down

Extra Extra! Read all about them extry cases.
Cases here, there and everywhere!
Get yer cases here!
Cases and Cases and Cases! Oh my!

Six short months ago fear of a new virus loosed upon the world was, to some extent, warranted. Bolstered by footage of old Chinamen dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan then being carted off by the haz/mat-suited coroners’ assistants of modern video games’ dystopian nightmare, the burgeoning pandemic was given the aspect of a quotidian doomsday plague. The perfect virus at just the right time for certain political animals. Was it just all just a dog and pangolin show all along? But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Six months later, it feels like I’m typing this inside of a tesseract where time has not moved on from those initial heady days of panicked uncertainty, and all that’s changed from a national news and state government perspective, is there is no longer any shortages of toilet paper. The subtle pivot from death rates and hospitalizations (since these two statistics have inconveniently cratered) to the number of cumulative cases has been subtly made by the MSM, also known as The Insatiable Profits of Doom.

What would Wailer Bob have to say about the current wave of mass capitulation to this pandemic of the mind?

Yes indeed and unsurprisingly, CASES have become the go-to metric to keep the rabble roused into believing SARS-CoV-2 is the rightful sum of all their fears. The constant anxious weight in the pit of your stomach is a serious side effect of the cure of shutting it all down and keeping six feet under and over and to all quadrants equidistant twixt yourself and any other mask-wearing life form in your immediate vicinity. When all you can see is the fear in their eyes, the emotional reaction to the dumb show forever being driven home by the Authority like an ice pick to the forehead is the far more extreme and dangerous disease.

Six months of this irresistible contagion has yielded little more than chaff on a scale compared to the morbidity rates of previous pandemics. The incessant screed of cases from here to eternity, on and on and on, tugging at the too-easily swayed conscience of the public will, has conjured legions of pod people that have surrendered to the regimented drum and fife despite the pestilence-free blue skies stretching out for miles and miles before their unseeing eyes, and woe to the criminal who dares to go bare faced before them…

Funny how nobody in their right mind (right in the context of these AbbyNormal times) would ever think to reference the old-standby of FDR that was such a hit in regards to the furtherance of so many of their progressive causes what seems like a thousand years ago now in this muddled up mucked up shook up world. I’m sure someone has already made a meme of it that encapsulates in one image the true essence of what it is here that I am trying to say…

Oh shit, yo…drop the mic!

2 thoughts on “Cases, Cases! We All Fall Down

  1. I have the impression that people are very slowly tiring of this new narrative. It’s like the old colored terrorism alert levels after 911 – it’s hard for even the best propagandist to keep people in a continuous state of fear. And these people aren’t very good. They keep using the same old tired scripts over and over again.


    1. Hi Stuart. Yes. The waking up to the lies right in front of them is far too slow for me though. It’s a constant source of anxiety. like someone’s reaching inside my body kinking my intestines like one would kink a hose.


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