BARE FACE! The New Subversives

Peaceful protest or the psychopathic rampage of a homicidal super spreader?

If it quacks like a duck …

“Where’s your mask, sweetie?”

“Uhh, are we living in China?”

“You’re supposed to be protecting me. I’ve got asthma and they won’t let me work if I don’t wear a mask.”

The emotional blackmail of that last reply was pretty strong and I hmm’d and hawed a little. Then it struck me that along with the bit about my bare face breathing freely being a threat to her well being (the genius weapon of mass control the rationale for mass masking is) she also wished to be rid of the mask as soon as possible, too, since it was, as she had implied, combining with her asthma to hinder her own breathing.

“Maybe, if we as a people would stand up and say no to the Governor’s unlawful–“

“No. No. I’m going to follow this order.”

By this time, my groceries had been bagged and I left her with the disdainful reply, “Order. Order?” No. I didn’t continue down the dusty trail to the too obvious “We don’ need no stinkin orders!”

Although I did mutter some indignation about blindly following the herd while eschewing the Constitution, the come back was mostly weak sauce. I did not say what I should have said, for one because I am hardly quick with a come back, too, I was tongue tied by the high anxiety experienced in the moment. Also, nobody really wants to have real conversations anymore. I truly think at least half of us know this is all a big lie but it’s just so much easier to go along with it, eh? It’s just a mask.

It’s only two weeks.

It’s just a vaccine.

It’s just a mild side effect.

It’s just your child.

It’s just a lifelong disability.

You’ve just become another statistic on a government chart.

The cashier on some level knew that mask was hurting her and yet she turned on a dime to insist for whatever reason–peer pressure, shame, perhaps an overarching belief in upholding the common good–to not stand up to protest the mask that was inflaming her underlying condition. As the lock downs did more harm than the disease they were supposed to stop, the mask itself is causing more harm than the disease it is purported to be protecting us from, whether the majority’s plethora of underlying conditions, be they physical (ie asthma) or psychological (excess anxiety at being forced to wear an arbitrary piece of clothing, in this case what is from my perspective is, symbolically a muzzle).

Coronavirus is practically extinct in New Mexico, and yet the Orwellian sign posts of the overhead traffic displays exhorts us to keep on complying: “You’re doing good! Keep wearing your mask!” As if we are all panting dogs, tongues lolling as we peer up hesitantly at our patronizing masters, begging with our pleading eyes for the nostrum of an ‘attaboy’ as good as a bite-sized liver snap, the quid pro quo for our adherence to their perverted political power plays with no consideration for the taxpayers funding their perpetual states of confusion. Shamelessly extorting our sympathetic sensibilities by bombarding us with sloganeering that puts us all in an unwinnable double bind: MASKS! GOOD FOR YOU…GOOD FOR ME; the reality that’s its a filthy, virus-infested swatch of pleated cotton used over and over again to keep up appearances and assuage the masters and the the masses continuously-broadcast desire to “BE SAFE!” doesn’t really seem to matter much at all.

It stopped being about health several months ago, it’s about control by coercion and fear. How long before we reciprocate their blatant and, up to now, consequence-free full frontal flip off with a mass unmasking fuck you of our own?

THEY muzzled this outspoken man, too.