A Tale of Two Jackasses and a Never Ending Story

When a rhino is the Elephant in the Room.

Fredo Corleone betrayed his family cuz he wanted respect from his mafia associates. He insisted he was smart even though everyone, as he perceived it, thought he was dumb.

Prime time CNN talking heads Don Lemon and Chris “Fredo” Cuomo betray their country cuz they want respect from their globo-corpo masters (and to keep their jobs). They insist they are smart because Donald Trump is dumb.

Recently as the two CNN hosts segued from one’s show to the other’s, kvetching as they always do, Don Lemon held up a copy of a cognitive test (purportedly the same or very similar to the one President Trump had taken) and, as they ridiculed the President as they always do, the pompous JINO proceeded to misidentify the rhino on the test as a hippo to the delight of his equally in-name-only colleague whose own self-own was the very next dumbino to fall when he asked “What does it mean if you don’t know the difference between a RINO and an elephant?”

BA DUMP BUMP! Not just this week, folks, but we’ll be here forever. Try the veal!