The Mind Virus that is…

Covid-19, having months ago fallen off a statistical cliff of irrelevancy, is still being willed into existence by the New Mexico governor who curries favor with her powerful cronies in DC as she humiliates her citizens with threadbare mandates from on high and bankrupts their small businesses by her insidiously fractional re-opening plan, killing them by degrees.

No matter that children are more likely to be struck by lightning or die in a car crash than succumb to this increasingly benign disease, Frau Grisham has further rubbed everyone’s nose in her stank–students and parents alike–by subjecting them to ludicrous public education re-opening standards replete with half-assed remote learning and physical distancing and mandatory masks when they are allowed to manifest safely in a physical setting. And just to make it incontrovertibly clear how undisputedly she so very much cares about the children, she canceled fall sports. Maybe for their betterment these kids can use all that unexpected free time to reflect upon the sheer, blinding benevolence of their undeniably, if only-so reluctant, furor.

By the numbers, the past tense pandemic stopped being anything but a scam many months ago. The only thing holding it together is the filthy piece of cloth strapped across the fetid, hamburgery chops of this most vile creature and projected in the dead eyes of those suggestible people susceptible to only being able to think in droves. There is a special place in hell for petty tyrants who use fear as the currency of control.

Oh God please just make it stop!

One thought on “The Mind Virus that is…

  1. I just joined a group of NZ doctors, epidemiologists, researchers and lawyers who are having severe reservations about the way the NZ government is handling COVID 19. They’re trying to have webinars every Monday where they present the latest research. The webinar (7.30 pm NZ time) may be a bit late for you in the US, but there’s lots of good info on their website. Lay people are also allowed to join:


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